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Greek islands are considered as one of the best places to enjoy honeymoon. Houses there are whitewashed that exactly matches with the Aegean and Ionian seas. Attractions for visiting these well-known islands include breathtaking scenery, picturesque fishing villages, delicious seafood, regional wines, and invigorating sea breezes.

Each island has a filled with natural beauty, unique personality and charming background. While it may be hard to concentrate on each beauty, these Greek islands will undoubtedly make you fall in love with your partner in Mediterranean style. There's a good reason these islands are among the most romantic destinations in the world, that includes the breathtaking natural scenery, the allure of ancient Greece, and the breathtaking sunsets.

Best Greek Islands for Couples To Visit

Plan your Greek vacation now, and enjoy the magic and romance that awaits.



As one approaches Sammy's harbor, it's as if they've stepped into a beautifully rendered picture of a charming, old-world village. The island's uniqueness is established by the abundance of two- and three-story traditional stone houses, painted in various colors but mainly indigo, ocher and terracotta. The houses also have red tiled roofs and cute little balconies with railings.

Taste Greece's greatest seafood at Pantalis Restaurant.Anyone will be mesmerized by the pastel-colored cottages that jutted up from the hillside into the main town and the neoclassical architecture. Symi is definitely a picture-perfect romantic location whether you are newly married or married for 10 years, you will fall in love once again.



Crete is the largest island of Greece and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Crete is a wonderful place with unique characteristics from the rest of the country in terms of customs, daily life and landscape. It has a rich historical and cultural history.

Crete is a Greek island bordered to the north and south by the Libyan Sea and the Aegean Sea. Its three main mountain groups—the White Mountains (also known as the Lefka Ori), the Eddy Range (also known as the Silurites), and the Dikti Mountains—make up its incredibly mountainous topography.



One of the most unique Greek islands is Zakynthos. It is surrounded by the Peloponnese and the picturesque Ionian Sea, and has stunning beaches and a stunning natural environment.While exploring the island, you'll encounter charming hilltop towns, historic monasteries, and authentic natural surroundings.Endangered Caretta Caretta sea turtles also call the beaches home, and each year they lay their eggs in the powder-soft white sand.

Since the island is smaller than Santorini, it's a great option for couples to get away from the crowds. But Zakynthos is also known for a lively nightlife, so you can dance the night away and then relax on the beach the next day. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to sample some delicious Greek cuisine at a range of authentic eateries located across the island.



This list wouldn't be complete without including Mykonos, perhaps best known for being the party hub of the Greek Islands. This is one of the best Greek islands for young couples looking for a vibrant nightlife.

It should be noted that during the busiest travel season, Mykonos can get very crowded and some areas can feel overbuilt. But there is a good reason to love this beautiful island. It still has a lot of distinctive local flavor and charm, complete with charming boutique hotels and welcoming guests. 

For the greatest deals and to see the quieter side of the island, come here outside of the busiest holiday season. On Mykonos, there is never a shortage of things to do. Enjoy your days off on sun-kissed beaches, windsurfing, eating delicious Greek food, and exploring the island's charming whitewashed towns and villages.



Although Paros isn't as famous as Mykonos or Crete, it's still a great destination for couples, especially if you're looking to explore charming seaside villages and beautiful scenery. Even during the busiest traffic hours, the island maintains a calm atmosphere. Additionally, you won't encounter the kind of crowds that are typical of Santorini or Crete, whether you want to wander around any of the island's charming towns or lounge on the beach.

Finally, Paros is one of the best places to stay in Greece for travelers looking for an authentic experience. Although Paros has some tourist attractions, overall the island is much more relaxed than Greece's most visited destination, making it one of the best places to stay in Greece for couples. There are those who want a little more solitude.



One of the most popular Greek islands for a honeymoon or romantic getaway for two is Santorini. It's understandable why, with its recognizable architecture bathed in sunlight and its towering white cliffs dotted with small churches. Expect breathtaking sunsets, long sandy beaches and sparkling turquoise waters to explore—truly the epitome of romance.

Santorini is the perfect destination for a romantic vacation with its famous vineyards and rich culture. Couples should avoid visiting Santorini during the school holidays as it can get very crowded during the busiest time of the year due to its immense popularity.

When is the best time to travel to the Greek Islands?

The Greek Islands are best visited between April and October. The best time to enjoy the beaches, island hopping and sightseeing is during the hottest part of the year, when the days are longest.

Try to go in May or September to avoid the crowds as the islands are usually busiest in July and August. The days are still long and the weather is still nice, but there won't be as many people.

Final Thoughts

Is there any country that evokes more romantic images and wishes for couples than Greece? It has a lot to appeal to couples of all ages and persuasions, making it one of the most sought-after honeymoon destinations in the world. But given the plethora of options, which Greek islands are best for couples? Ones that offer plenty of activities and places to visit with an ideal balance of beauty and solitude.

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