Best Winter Hair Color Trends Of 2024 That'll Warm You Up 


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While most of us start looking out for cozy and chunky boots, coats, and cardigans and stocking up on new coffee flavors and dry fruits. While for others, it signifies embracing the season with a new hair color. If you belong to the latter group, we've got some inspiring ideas for you. Whether you're considering a modern brunette hue such as "Chocolate Cherry" or contemplating a shift to blonde with a shade like "Buttercream Blonde". This year, the winter hair color trends are all about rich, warm tones that will keep you feeling cozy and stylish throughout the season. Whether you're a natural brunette, blonde, or redhead, there's a winter hair color that will suit you perfectly. From deep chocolate cherry to cowboy copper and buttercream blondes, the options are endless. 

Hottest Winter Hair Color Trends For 2024

Ahead are some of the hottest winter hair color trends of the year that are going to be everywhere and the best thing is there is not one shade that’s going to be all over but almost every trending hair color is mixed with a color that everyone loves and adores. Come check them out with me!

Cowboy Copper

Cowboy Copper Hair Color Trend

We spotted this shade of copper back in fall, and now it’s everywhere and we completely understand the hype and love this hair color is receiving. The cowboy copper hair color trend was first flaunted by Emily Ratajkowski, Gigi Hadid, and Meg Thee Stallion. And honestly there is not even a single doubt about them slaying this color. This color gives your hair a warm depth without going for an obvious copper or reds. If you have seen the strawberry copper hair color and loved it, this is the lighter, deep, and a sassier version of it.

This hair color is a combination of deep reds and warm browns and will need a little extra attention and care to last longer. It is suggested to use a shampoo and conditioner that is especially curated for color-treated hair, we recommend Color Matrix Color Obsessed Shampoo ($20) and Color Obsessed Conditioner ($20) combo to keep your hair healthy and your hair dye fresh as the day first. Also, it is recommended to always use high-quality products that are specifically for color-treated hair to maintain your dye for long, this hair color stays maximum for 12-14 months and after this duration they require conditioning gloss or touch ups. Avoid using excessive heat from heat styling or atleast use heat protectant every time you use hair styling tools, also wash your hair less and only when you feel like it to help the color look fresh and vibrant.

Chocolate Cherry

Chocolate Cherry Hair Color Trend

If you ask me to describe winter hair color trends I would definitely say, almost everywhere you will see at least a hint of brown or reds. They both are actually great for the winter season, as reds can fade quickly if you stay a lot in the sun, so of course winter is a great season to flaunt red without being worried about stepping out in the daytime and fading your fresh hair dye. We are seeing a lot of chocolate cherry hair out there which you can also call reddish brown hair color trend for the cold season.

Also, this reddish brown hair color is great for the brunettes who want a hint of something bold and playful for the winter season. This shade has all the deep red tones that add dimension and shine while the rich brown adds warmth to your strands. As we said reds can easily fade, we suggest you to always use a repair mask or hydrating mask once or twice a week to maintain the hair color for long. Our personal favorites are JVN’s Nurture Intense Hydration Hair Mask ($34) and Wella ColorMotion+ Structure+ Mask ($25). Lastly, if you are having a thought whether this hair color will suit you or not, here’s what you need to hear: the chocolate cherry hair color suits all skin tone and hair texture so, go ahead.


Bronde Hair Color Trend

Now if you want to switch from the reds but need the browns with something electric yet still minimal hair dye, here’s a great way to give your hair a refresh. Bronde is something between the blonde and brunette, and we are totally in for this trend after spotting this on Jennifer Lopaz, Gisele Bundchen, and Sofia Vergara. This is a great hair color shade if you don’t want to go for a complete blonde but also don’t want to go for a complete brunette.

This shade has a lot of soft browns and subtle blonde highlights to give dimensions and a standout look to the hair. Also this color can be adjusted according to how you would like for your skin tone, like if you want something warm keep the brown standout and go low with the blonde hints, and for cooler shade, keep both the shades on the standout side so they blend together well. To maintain this hair color between the salon-visits, we suggest using Kristin Ess Hair’s Signature Hair Gloss ($15) in shade Smoky Topaz which is perfect for the bronde hair color. It is an in-shower treatment, apply it on wet hair while in the shower and leave for 15-20 minutes then rinse it and use your regular shampoo and conditioner afterwards.

Buttercream Blonde

Buttercream Blonde Hair Color Trend

Remember the food inspired hair color trend that was all over last year? We can also see that trend coming into blonde hair colors. Just look at this extremely stunning blonde which is giving that melting, creamy, and mouthwatering buttercream shade. We spotted a lot of beautiful buttercream blonde and some of them that slayed this look were Anya Taylor, Soo Joo Park, and Margot Robbie (and how can we forget the barbie blonde she blessed us with).

And if you are a brunette and want just a hint of buttercream blonde instead of all-glam then go for subtle buttercream blonde highlights all over or opt for dipped buttercream ends. This hair color is quite high maintenance so it’s important to take care of them regularly so the shade lasts longer and looks fresh as new. Use Color Gloss Up Temporary Hair Dye ($3) in Blonde if you are going for a DIY hair color. To maintain the shade shampoo your hair with Olaplex No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo ($30), and condition with Wella ColorMotion+ Conditioner ($25).

Icy Blue

Icy Blue Hair Color Trend

If you want to stand out this winter and want to go for something unexpected and bold hair transformation go for icy blue. This chilly weather would love an equally cool shade! When I think of icy blue It make me remember Kylie’s icy blue hair and her teal ends as well, Then how Demi Lovato rocked the ice blue and electric blue combo hair and Kim Kardahsian’s ice blue cropped bob.

To get this look just ask your stylist what will suit your skin tone and hair texture, like if you want to go for all icy blue hair or only subtle icy blue dipped ends will do the job for you. And if you are dyeing your hair by yourself use L'Oreal Paris Feria Permanent Hair Color ($10) in smokey blue. We suggest to use a shampoo that is for color-treated hair like this Monday Haircare Color Protect Shampoo ($8), and for conditioner we recommend using Keracolor Color + Clenditioner ($22) It is a two-in-one hair product which conditions your hair and also give your color a refresh for when you need to give a touch up to your hair between the salon visits.

Midnight Black

Midnight Black Hair Color Trend

Calling all the dark hair lovers, and the ones who don’t get excited when we talk about blonde, reds, and blues. If you are a blackhead and want to go for something new but don’t want to get rid of the black then this midnight black hair color is just the perfect shade for you to try this winter season. We loved Selena Gomez Sleek Bob in black, and when Billie Eillish went for black hair with long layers and bangs we were so surprised and overwhelmed.

To get the look, you can use L'oreal Paris Crème Permanent Triple Care Hair Color ($11) in natural black to easily DIY at your home. For the touch ups between your salon appointments, it is recommended to use dpHUE Gloss+ ($38) in black to refresh your color every time you feel like it.

Wrap Up

Winter hair color trends are all about warm, rich hues that complement the season. From buttercream blonde that gives off that buttery cozy vibe to your overall look to chocolate cherry that will make you stand out in the crowd, there's a shade for everyone to brighten up their look.

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