Celebrity Skincare Brands That Are Actually Good


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Nowadays, seems like a trend that celebrities are launching their beauty brands that include skincare products as well. Since the world is now loaded with many celebrities’ skincare brands so it has become difficult for you to decide which brand is deserving of the buzz. We are likely to give a shot to those skincare and beauty products endorsed by well-known figures. However, this is to remind you that some are more effective and have reliable, high-quality skincare products.

6 Celebrity Skincare Brands That Are Living Up To Expectation

In this article, get to know about the six celebrity-owned skincare lines that have built a solid reputation with their high-quality and appealing products:

Humanrace by Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams is known for his youthful appearance and glow, which created anticipation among fans to know his skincare routine. Luckily, Pharrell Williams raised the curtains by introducing his skincare brand “Humanrace”. What makes this brand trustable is that he has designed these products with the assistance of his dermatologist, named Dr. Elena Jones. His brand earned the name because he came up with sustainable and innovative skincare products with soap-free formulas, vegetable dyes, and post-consumer plastic waste vessels. Mostly, his products include the ingredients that he applies to himself.


Humanrace Rice Powder Cleanser
Humanrace Rice Powder Cleanser, $36

KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr came up with her skincare brand “KORA Organics” in 2009 and fulfilled the protocols of high-level clinical performance and working under certified experts. She introduced masks that deeply exfoliate the skin and give it a smooth finish. The moisturizers make skin smooth, soft, and brighter. The brand name strongly suggests that her products are deprived of any kind of harmful ingredients and chemicals such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Thus the products are designed with naturally obtained ingredients.


KORA Organics Noni Glow Face Oil
KORA Organics Noni Glow Face Oil, $72

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

One of my favorite beauty brands is “Rare Beauty“ not just because of my favorite celebrity Selena Gomez but also because she has come up with such products that enhance your natural beauty rather than concealing it. The brand products are cruelty-free,and they are made without the usage of dozens of chemicals that strictly fulfills the criteria of cosmetic regulations of the European Union. Whether you talk about moisturizers, primers, or makeup products, all improve the skin's appearance and give it a natural glow.


Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush
Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush, $23

GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani introduced her brand in the middle of the year 2022, which means there were other celebrity brands as well, but how did it swiftly rise to the top? The brand GXVE Beauty strictly followed the rules means that products were not tested on animals and were cruelty-free, sulfate free, no parabens, and without synthetic fragrances. Other than that, the brand has come up with environmentally friendly packaging, such as post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic and glass, while outer cartons are 100% recyclable. The brand has also designed such oils that give non-greasy feel and makeup products that give your skin a flawless finish.


GXVE Beauty Double Dippin 2-In-1 Lip Color Remover And Lip Mask, $24

The Outset by Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

The Outset is co-founded by Scarlett Johansson and Kate Foster and gave rise to such products that rejuvenate and nourish the skin at its best. The brand has formulated the product without the utilization of thousands of harmful chemicals and ingredients which can come harsh on sensitive skin. The products do not include byproducts of any animal, nuts, glutens (that are common allergens), and synthetic fragrances. The cleansers, lightweight face oils, and face washes are well-known from The Outset.


The Outset Smoothing Vitamin C Eye + Expression Lines Cream
The Outset Smoothing Vitamin C Eye + Expression Lines Cream, $42

Pleasing by Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Who would have thought that Harry Styles, A Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, would be launching his gender-insensitive skincare products and would later continue with a collection of cosmetic products? Well! Let me be very honest! I never gave a thought to it. When all the youngsters of One Direction split their ways apart, they pursued a solo career, and Harry Styles was the only one who was honored with a Grammy award. Up till now, Harry has introduced several collections that became a hit because of their unusual packaging, innovative hues, and texture. The products at his brand "Pleasing" are manufactured with safe and effective ingredients, which make your skin brighter, softer, and well-nourished.


Pleasing Spritz Probiotic Soothing Tonic, $25


Skincare products should be chosen wisely and with proper research, as your skin can become exposed to harmful chemicals which quickly react. It often becomes very frustrating when you look for skincare products that come good on your skin. Therefore, we have proposed the six best Celebrity Skincare Brands that have successfully earned the confidence and faith of fashionistas across the globe. All the brands have designed their products with effective care and without harmful chemicals, including Humanrace, Kora Organics, Rare Beauty, GXVE Beauty, The Outset, and Pleasing.


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