Hailey Bieber Street Style Outfits You Should Recreate


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Hailey Bieber, the name is enough right? Well, there is a lot that comes to mind when we hear to see Hailey, from her glazed and glowing skincare to her fashion sense that is out of this world. There is a lot about Hailey that we cannot help but get obsessed with every now and then.If you are like me you must have checked her street style every other day to get an inspiration on something new and to utilize an old piece in your closet. Because Hailey is a big fan of denim, tank tops, bodycon dresses, jackets, and anything that is a wardrobe staple.

Hailey Bieber Street Style Outfits To Copy

Today, we will be revealing Hailey Bieber street style looks that are so easy to copy and recreate with what you already own.

Classic Button Down Outfit

Hailey Bieber White Outfit

We all at least own one crisp and clean white button down that we can pair with anything in our closet and get an amazing outfit out of it. A button down is so classic and cool that I cannot even explain, it can quickly transform any look into a classy one just like this one.

No-Pant Trend Inspired Outfits

No-Pant Trend

A black blazer screams polishness and quite luxury so loud that I cannot hear anything else. Whenever I wear a crisp black blazer I feel that girl boss energy honestly, just like Hailey in this outfit. The no pants effect is what gives this look a trendiest vibe ever.

No-Pant Trend Inspired Outfit

Another cool way to rock the no-pants trend is to pair your hoodie with a barely-there short and a crisp black boots, Hailey is literally fashion goals.

Cool Girl Outfit

Cool Girl Outfit

What does a cool girl wear the most? A denim, tanks, hats, crisp sandals, mini shoulder bags, and minimal accessories, right? Well, without a doubt Hailey Bieber is a cool girl.

Monochrome Outfit

Monochrome Outfit

If you are a fashion enthusiast you must know how monochrome ruled all these years and this trend is something everybody adored and still follows. This beige and oversized fit is a perfect balance between sophistication and trendy vibe.

Leather Jacket Outfits

Leather Jacket Outfits

Let’s first have a look at the most relaxed and classic look that can be created by anybody. You just have to pair your regular jeans with a bodysuit or tank top and over the top add a leather jacket that you love the most to get the look.

Leather Jacket Outfit

Another great option with a leather jacket is this one, Hailey literally never fails to amaze us with what she can pull off and what not. Because in my opinion there is not even a single look that Hailey messed up. You will need a bodycon dress with a side slit, a moto leather jacket, a black handbag, and last but not the least a crisp white sneakers to achieve the look.

Sweater Weather Outfit

Sweater Weather Outfit

For this one we need a beige colored cardigan with minimal furs to give that warm and perfect cozy vibe. After that we pair it with jeans, a black heels, classic sunglasses, and a shoulder bag. Ta-da it’s that easy to create a classy look like Hailey Bieber.

Long Coat Outfits

Long Coat Outfit

Let’s begin with the most relaxed and casual chic outfit that Hailey blessed us with and that is the one above.To get this look pair your hoodie with your favorite leggings and top it off with a long trench coat in camel. Step into chunky sports shoes, carry a handbag, wear sunglasses, and tie your hair in a bun to get the look.

Long Coat Outfit

Another look to recreate is this one, just pair a hoodie, leggings and top it off with a furry long coat that is extremely warm for having the best time out in the cold breeze. 

Long Coat Outfit

This one is another great example of a no-pants trend outfit but with a long coat to balance the style and comfort in the cold season. What you need to get this look is a t-shirt dress, a long trench coat, an over-the-knee boots, and a handbag matching with the coat.


From oversized Blazers to sporty crop tops, Hailey Bieber's street style outfits are always on-point and effortlessly chic. With a mix of high-end designer pieces and affordable basics, her looks offer endless inspiration for anyone looking to elevate their wardrobe. So, take cues from her style and create your own unique fashion statement.


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