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As we are entering in the new year, we all want to enter as a person we will love and we also want some massive transformations whether it is our wardrobe refresh, new year nails, a newly launched scent that we want in our collection for a new feel, a pair of stunning heels to rock at occasions or most importantly a haircut. When it comes to haircuts, it plays an important role in making or failing the overall look of ours. So, you must be looking for the hottest haircut trends 2024 for a fresh start that too with full of new year energy.

When we talk about haircut trends of 2024, the most predicted haircuts in 2024 will definitely be anything that's short, and why is that? That’s because whether we have seen some A-list celebrities slaying their street style recently with a fresh pixie cut or rocking the red carpet with the mid-length bob or blunt bob, we definitely think everyone going to step on this trend as it is low-maintenance, looks cool, and suits every personality and hair texture.

While on the other hand is exactly opposite of what we have already predicted. Maybe we have seen most of the gorgeous celebrities slaying the short haircuts, we have also seen some of them showing off their gorgeous mermaid-hair and extreme long hair with hair accessories to compliment their beauty a little more.

So, everyone is having a confusion between the short and long haircuts before they finally go for THAT haircut that is actually on-trend in 2024 and worth trying as well. No more! We have got you covered.

Hottest Haircut Trends That Will Be Everywhere In 2024

Now that we have spotted the A-listers slaying some of the hottest hair trends that will be everywhere in 2024, we couldn’t resist revealing them to you all, so you all can pull them off asap.

Box Layers

Box Layers Haircut

The box layer emerges as the prominent medium-length trend of the year, creating distinctive lengths between the layers and ends of the hair. Positioned between a '90s Leonardo and the captain of the local lacrosse team, this cut offers maximum flow. Evolving from the mullet trend, it caters to people of all genders and hair textures, making it perfect for those looking to grow their hair while maintaining some length and shape. Whether opting for a short or longer version, ask for square or "box" layers for a chic and contemporary look.

Layered Lob

Layered Lob Haircut

Prepare for the resurgence of the layered lob, reminiscent of "The Rachel" but slightly longer, as seen on Matilda Djerf. This style emerges as a natural progression from the preceding short hair cut trend, where the recent popularity of short blunt bobs will evolve into longer styles in 2024. Managing the transition involves regular trimming and shaping of the layers throughout the year while allowing the length to grow back. When discussing this cut with your stylist, defining the placement of the shortest layer is crucial—whether it's above the ear or a gradation in length at the bottom inch.

Velvet Crop

Velvet Crop Haircut

Recently I have seen Florence Pugh with a velvet crop and if you ask me, I think It’s something everyone who has a love for pixies will love. Definitely loving the velvety texture with striking ends which makes this a perfect haircut for everyone who wants a haircut that's extremely short and stunning. What we will suggest would be to keep the ends extra texturized to get the perfectly sharp ends and for colors, choose from golds, blondes, and anything that looks great with the velvety effect.

Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob Haircut

We all know how many bobs are going on-trend even though it's just the start of the year, so here’s an inspo for you to get one ASAP. Whether you spotted the queen of style, manicures, and hairstyles Hailey Bieber in blunt bob or you have seen almost every other gorgeous celebrity flaunting the bob at the Golden Globes, we would love a bob for our next chop. These blunt bobs are chin length, have blunt front details, and most importantly look great on every face shape so worries. If you still have doubts then get yourself a blunt bob with a face framing bangs to get the perfect look for yourself, suitable and classy.

Long Layers

Long Layers Haircut

While everyone is following the short hair trend right after the year started, there are still some celebrities that are serving long hair goals at the red carpet and as well as for the street style. And if you ask us, long layers are the most timeless long haircut trend ever. We don’t think they are ever going away! (we don’t want them to).

Kitty Cut

Kitty Haircut

If you have been active in the 2023 hair trends, you must have spotted a lot of wolf haircuts as well as textured and messy shaggy cuts. There were also a lot of mullet cuts we have spotted throughout the year, so basically it was the year of everything messy and textured. But this year we are spotting more volumes, layers, and polished haircuts which equally standout like any other hair trend that’s not a hype anymore. So, if we describe what kitty cut is actually, we would say that how about doing a wolf cut and giving it a lot of layers until you finally get the kitty cut. Also, kitty cuts give the perfect face framing layers that gives an equally stunning shape and volume to your overall look.

Final Words

These hottest haircuts that will be all the hype this year as we are already spotting our favorite celebs slaying these even though the new year has just started. From barely there velvet crop haircut to pixie cut and from mid-lenght bob to smooth shag, and for the long hair lovers, the long and voluminous layers are just the perfect trend you need to step into. Also, some of the haircuts were actually popular in 2023 as well, and we don’t think we are ready to say goodbye to them because some styles are just effortlessly timeless and versatile so whether the year ends or the season, they are still in style. This year is definitely the phrase "short or not, we want everything in style". These trending haircuts are everywhere out there and you cannot even ignore these. Now, the choice is yours, go short or go big, make a unique statement now!

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