How to Curl Your Hair to Make Your Style Last


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It’s irritating to find out that your hair has become uncurled after spending an hour or two on them right? No need to fret as we have got your back in keeping your curls in place for long hours. Now with the help of some tricks, you will rock every occasion, event, and gathering with your curls without the fear of losing them.

How to Curl Your Hair: Steps to Follow

Do not miss out on this comprehensive guide that rescues you from the fear of losing curls with the help of several tricks.

  • Prepare your mane
  • Try using the Hot Rollers
  • Choose the Right Curling Iron
  • Curling technique
  • Use hair spray
  • Secure curls with hair clips

Prepare your Mane

The way you prepare your skin before applying makeup, you also need to prep your hair beforehand. How can you do that? You need to keep in mind that the day you are curling your hair, you must not apply heavy shampoo or conditioner as they pull down your hair. Remember that you need to wash your hair with a lightweight shampoo and conditioner if you have got an oily hair texture.

You may not find it very pleasant, but still, let me break it to you for the best results. Curl your hair after the second or third day of washing them, and you will see that curls will last longer than usual. So for your ease, go for dirty hair instead of clean.

Try Using the Hot Rollers

Hot Rollers

Hot rollers work better on hair that lacks texture and body. You can easily change your hairstyle and can go for different types of curls, including ringlets, loose waves, or little curls. It depends on what type of curls you like and which curls will complement your outfit in the best way possible. So you do not need to worry anymore even if you have thin hair and want them to stay in place for a longer period.

Choose the Right Curling Iron

Curling Iron

Even the curling irons have a huge variety. They are made out of those materials that can give you frizz-free curls no matter what is your hair texture. Among the most recommended ones are manufactured out of Ceramic, tourmaline, gold, and titanium, as they distribute heat evenly on all of your hair and give you frizz-free curls.

If you are using a curling iron that requires an analog setting to set the temperature, stop using them from now on as you do not get to know the temperature you are applying on your hair. From now on, opt for curling irons in which you set the temperature digitally that you are using on your hair. When it comes to the temperature setting, you must know your hair type and the temperature it requires. Thick hair requires high-temperature settings, whereas thin hair requires low-heat settings for the curls that stay put.

Curling Technique

Curling Techniques

Sometimes you have the right curling iron, but you are not aware of the curling technique. The organized approach would be sectioning your hair through clips or ties so that you may not if difficult to manage them. When you section your hair, each region receives an equal amount of attention and heat. Make sure to start at the back and work your way up to the front.

You need to wrap each strand of your hair around the curling iron and make sure the ends are sticking out. If you want tighter and more defined curls, hold the curling iron vertically, and for bouncy waves, you need to hold the curling iron horizontally.

Use Hair Spray 

Hair Spray

As soon as you are done styling your hair, the biggest mistake is to run your fingers through them or brush them. This does not let your curls stay put, and they immediately fall out. Instead, run the brush through your curls on which the hair spray is applied once they have cooled down. The use of hair spray is a good way to keep your curls last longer.

Secure Curls with Hair Clips

Hair Clips

Clips are not just required at the time of sectioning your hair; they can be used for giving your curls a proper volume and strong grip. You just need to hold curls against your scalp and secure those in place with a bobby pin once they have cooled down.


Now you need not worry anymore about how to curl your hair as we have equipped you with a comprehensive guide. By adhering to these instructions, you will see how magnificently your curls will stay for a longer period. You need to start with prepping your hair, as the condition of your hair will decide whether your curls will stay longer or not. Once you are done with curling your hair, lock them with hair spray so they may not fall out. Remember to use the right curling iron, know what heat settings your hair will require, and most importantly, the right way to use the curling iron.


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