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As temperatures decrease and indoor heating intensifies, it's common to fall back into the annual cold-weather habit of licking your lips, even though we're aware it exacerbates the situation. Dry, cracked corners of the mouth can stem from various factors, spanning environmental conditions to daily habits. Fortunately, treating them is relatively straightforward. Whether induced by cold weather, sunburn, or another factor, the discomfort of dry, cracked corners of the mouth—referred to as angular cheilitis—is undeniable.

In nearly all instances of cracked lip corners, saliva plays a central role in the issue. The accumulation of saliva leads to cracks and dryness, creating an environment conducive to the growth of certain types of bacteria and yeast. Actions such as licking our lips, drooling, mouth-breathing, or any activity exposing the angular corners of the lips to saliva can result in irritation. This is because the digestive enzymes in saliva can lead to skin degradation, stripping away the skin's natural protective barriers, rendering it susceptible to infection and inflammation.

Beyond the heightened moisture levels in the area, the skin around your lips is exceptionally thin and mobile, given its movement during speech, yawning, and eating. When combined, these factors make lip corners highly prone to stretching, cracking, and irritation.

Ways To Treat Cracked Lip Corners

Cracked Lip Corners

So, we researched and put together some really effective tips and tricks you can opt for getting rid of cracked lip corners and keeping the lips hydrated and moisturized.

Stay Hydrated

To ward off this condition, it's crucial to ensure proper hydration by drinking ample water. For those deeply invested in maintaining beauty, the widely touted advice of consuming at least eight glasses of water daily holds true. This regimen aids in averting issues such as cracked lip corners.

Use Lip Balms

Establishing a consistent practice of employing a rich, occlusive lip treatment is equally essential. Although using a lip balm might seem straightforward, transforming it into a steadfast habit is pivotal for its efficacy. It necessitates having a lip balm readily available at all times for timely refreshment and replenishment. Moreover, the choice of lip balm is significant; opting for a product with fewer ingredients and thick consistency is recommended. Avoiding common lip treatments laden with skin-unfriendly preservatives is wise. Application before exposure to harsh weather, beneath sunscreen, and heightened usage during illnesses is advised.

Keep The Corners Dry

Implementing certain behavioral adjustments can also be beneficial. Clearing away residual saliva that accumulates around the mouth prevents it from pooling, and applying an occlusive balm, such as Vaseline or Aquaphor, at the corners helps prevent excessive dryness.

Don’t Lick Your Lips

While easier said than done, discontinuing the habit of licking lips is imperative. Despite providing temporary relief, especially when lips are already dry and cracked, constant licking exacerbates the issue. Saliva evaporates, drawing moisture away from the lips, leaving them drier than before.

Consider Lip Filler

In cases where anatomical factors contribute to folds around the mouth or downturned lips, filler can be a viable solution. This procedure lifts the sides of the lips, restoring volume and preventing saliva pooling.

Visit A Dermatologist

If extensive use of lip balm proves ineffective, consulting a board-certified dermatologist is advisable. Beyond over-the-counter treatments, dermatologists may prescribe topical steroids or antifungal treatments to be used in conjunction with an occlusive balm. A thorough evaluation, especially if there are indications of vitamin deficiencies, is crucial for addressing underlying issues.


Cracked lip corners can be painful and unsightly, but with the right care, you can treat them quickly and prevent them from recurring. Remember to keep your lips moisturized and avoid licking them. Just do regular care so you don’t have to face defined cracked corners all at once, you should be applying lip balms despite the weather, even if it’s summer. Also, you should keep the lip area dried from excess saliva and lastly, you should always be paying a visit to a dermatologist once in a year to maintain your skin well being.

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