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If you are a FRIENDS fan, you must love Rachel Green hair, style, and everything about her. All the hairstyles and haircuts she had throughout the season is something no girl can ever overlook. The perfect Rachel hair flip is a dream of every girl, and Jennifer Aniston understood it by launching her haircare line LolaVie to help you achieve the iconic rachel green hair with the science-packed hair products.

Jennifer Anniston's first and only brand not only focuses on making your hair look good but also on the clean and cruelty-free ingredients which are Leaping Bunny certified which is the biggest certification in cruelty-free beauty.

Not only are the ingredients clean but their packaging is also eco-friendly, minimal, and seek which are made with recycled materials. Anniston worked on her brand for 5 years straight and her brand LolaVie was launched in 2021, and the first ever hair product she launched was Glossing Detangler which won the best detangler awards at Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2022.

About the name selection, If you have a deep knowledge about Jennifer you must know It’s her nickname (surprise for newbies), She is called Lola by her close ones so It’s obvious that she wants to be the center of attention as she is for her brand as well. She definitely added a personal touch to everything to her brand and without a doubt we love everything, from the vibe to the products, and ahead are our reviews for the LolaVie products.

Our Top Picks of Jennifer Aniston Haircare Line LolaVie

From the award-winner shampoo and conditioner to a multitasking detangler and leave-in, here’s the holy-grail LolaVie products that are worthy to be in your hair care routine.

LolaVie Restorative Shampoo

LolaVie Restorative Shampoo

To cleanse and exfoliate your scalp this conditioner will help you achieve bouncy, healthy, frizz-free, and hydrated hair flip. The ingredients are Vitamin B, biotin, botanical extracts, vegetable ceramides, niacinamide and chia seeds, and all of them are extremely great for hair health. No wonder Restorative Shampoo has won both Harper's BAZAAR and Cosmopolitan Beauty Award in 2023. Also it is available in 3 sizes, travel size, full size, and mega, making it a lot easier to purchase according to your plans whether you are traveling with it or stocking it for your shower closet in your bathroom.

LolaVie Restorative Conditioner

LolaVie Restorative Conditioner

This Restorative conditioner won the Harper's BAZAAR 2023 Hair Awards for treating dull and damaged hair and working great on all hair types. The Restorative Conditioner is made with plant-based ingredients like extracts of coconut, chia seeds, jackfruit, and orange which helps in hydrating and nourishing the locks, while the vegan keratin complex in it helps repair the damaged locks and make them look and feel like heavenly and healthy.

Also the conditioner is completely clean and free of any cruelty ingredients and does not contain any sulfate, silicones or harsh chemical ingredients. The best thing is this is an all-in-one conditioner for everyone as it does not only hydrate and repair but also works great for color-treated hair so you can use it instead of other color-treated friendly hair products.

LolaVie Glossing Detangler

LolaVie Glossing Detangler

Here comes the most iconic hair product from the most iconic personality herself. The gloss detangler is loved all around the world and won a bunch of awards for being the “Best Detangler”, and not even one! The Glossing Detangler won PopSugar’s Best in Celebrity Awards, then in 2021 won the Byrdie Eco Beauty Award, and in 2022 this was a winner of NewBeauty, Cosmopolitan, Hollywood Life, Health, and again Byrdie. Even in 2023 it was the winner of readers' choice of Cosmopolitan Awards. And we think it is well-deserved as it is a holy-grail product that never got a bad review from anyone who has ever used this in their hair care routine.

Now let’s discuss the formula and texture that actually behind all the heavenly hair results. The detangler helps you achieve tangle free, frizz free, flyaway free hair, and protect your hair with its nourishing ingredients that are plant based and all clean and cruelty free. Just follow up after the shampoo and conditioner on damp hair and gently comb through to detangle your wet hair perfectly so they are all set and ready to be styled.

LolaVie Perfecting Leave-In Conditioner

LolaVie Perfecting Leave-In Conditioner

An extra layer of protection for your hair never hurts anyone, so here’s another multitasking hair product that helps in more than one hair issue and make your locks look healthiest ever. The leave-in can be paired with the glossing detangler to achieve shiny and healthy looking hair to get the most stunning hair flip ever. 

This leave-in conditioner is infused with chia seeds and vegan thermal shield which protects and prime for all the heat styling damage, lemon extract which provides shine, vegetable ceramides which instantly smooth your hair and give you healthy, shiny, and silky locks. You can also use it as a heat protectant as you will not be needing a heat protectant after a spritz of this to your hair before styling.

Are They Worth It?

As all of the products have clean ingredients and the packaging is also eco-friendly and minimal which are also made with recycled products launched her brand LolaVie in 2021, and the first ever hair product she launched was Glossing Detangler which won the best detangler award. Love how Jennifer Anniston made it easier to achieve the Rachel-inspired hair, with the science-packed and award winning products which provides hydration, moisture, and damage repair to your lifeless hair. Try yourself and say hello to frizz free, tangle free, and healthy looking hair at all times.


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