Lululemon's Best-Selling Leggings: Are They Worth the Hype?


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Exercise has a lot of benefits and if you have comfortable leggings, you can do exercise properly. A decent pair of leggings can be the difference between a good and horrible exercise or run. Nothing is worse than a pair of leggings slipping at the waistline while running or bunching up during a HIIT workout. Lululemon leggings aren't inexpensive, so be sure you're getting the correct pair for you and your training demands.

We put every pair of Lululemon leggings through the sweat test below.  These Lululemon leggings are treadmills and sidewalk run, HIIT, Pilates, and yoga classes, and in all weather conditions to help you figure out which Lululemon leggings are ideal for you. Lululemon fans gush about the great design and quality of their clothes, which truly perform on the mat and the go. The company is most known for its classic Align yoga collection, which includes leggings, yoga mats, pants, joggers, and sports bras.

Top 4 Lululemon’s Best Selling-Leggings

Here is a list of Lululemon’s best-selling leggings:

Wunder Train Lululemon Leggings

Wunder Train Lululemon Leggings

The Wunder Train High-Rise Tight is one of the most durable Lululemonleggings thatare tested—unlike other pairs from the company, it can be washed and dried alongside training gear. They're also manufactured with Ever Lux fabric, which is breathable and sweat-wicking even in hot temperatures. 

The Wunder Train leggings are a good, dependable alternative for everyday wear, scoring a perfect 5 out of 5 across all categories tested. The internal drawstring was a hit with the tester since it kept the waistband in place during high-impact workouts. 

Lululemon Align High-Rise Crop Leggings

Lululemon Align High-Rise Crop Leggings

This is one of the Lululemon’s best-selling leggings on our list. One of the unfavorable aspects of being small is that cropped leggings rarely appear cropped on us.

Fortunately, Lululemon is aware of this and has answered shorties' prayers with its 23-inchinseam pants. This best-seller features a high-rise waistband that sits securely over your hips without rolling, making it ideal for shorter legs. (FTR, if you desire a capri look rather than a conventional ankle or 7/8 style, there are 17-inch and 21-inch variations.) They are available in 15 different hues.  Furthermore, these provide excellent compression.

These leggings fromLululemonare the perfect length for small women. These are insanely comfy and feel like butter, while also providing adequate compression. They are, however, incredibly high-waisted, so be wary if that's not your thing.

Fast and Free High-rise Crop Lululemon Leggings

Fast and Free High-rise Crop Lululemon Leggings

The Fast and Free High-Rise Crop Leggings are lightweight and opaque. The Dulux fabric provides supportive compression, and the inside drawstring keeps the waistline in place for kilometers. These leggings will become a fixture in your weekly rotation with a 5 out of 5 score in every category you tested for. These can be worn all year round because they are a little longer than typical cropped leggings and provide coverage in cooler months.

They're also sweat-wicking, which helps keep cool in the heat of summer. These pants contain a total of seven pockets. One on each leg deep enough to carry your phone, and five in the waistband for keys, headphones, and other small items. However, the waistband can be tight.

Lululemon’s Base Pace High-Rise Leggings

Lululemon’s Base Pace High-Rise Leggings

These pants have just about everything in them. We've worn them to run, lift weights, and spin, so we know they're comfortable, durable, and can be used for any workout.The Nulux cloth is almost weightless and very breathable, so if you run on a hot day, you won't sweat. They have a pocket in the back, a hidden drawstring in the front, and no zipper in the middle to keep them from pilling.


Lululemon leggings are well worth the money. Any of the Lululemon leggings are a safe bet. They are soft yet supportive, and they look and feel amazing on the body.Even an intense aerobic workout won't make the leggings budge, and even though the attached labels warn against drying them, the cozy gear lasts longer than competing brands.Lululemon fans gush about the great design and quality of their clothes, which truly perform on the mat and the go. The company is most known for its classic Align yoga collection, which includes leggings, trousers, running enthusiasts, and bras for sports.We have arranged a list of Lululemon’s best-selling leggings, choose one that suits you better!


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