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Once upon a time, the sage Christina Aguilera imparted this wisdom: “Release what you cherish, and if destiny decrees, it shall return—proof that it's meant to be yours for all time.” Such is the saga of the Makeup by Mario Ethereal Eyes Palette ($68) and yours truly—an enduring narrative of a maiden, a breathtaking limited edition eye palette, and their glorious reunion.

About Makeup by Mario's Ethereal Palette

Makeup by Mario Ethereal Eyes Palette

Makeup by Mario, the brainchild of Kim Kardashian's trusted makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, unveiled its dreamy Ethereal Eyes Palette in late 2022. Featuring 12 shades ranging from velvety mattes to unique metallics and mesmerizing wet-look shimmers, this palette quickly became a sensation. Dedivanovic's description of it as his "dream" only added to its allure, and soon, it became a virtual treasure hunt to track it down online or at Sephora. Naturally, the more elusive it became, the more I yearned for it. For me, it was the ultimate palette, reminiscent of the versatility and beauty found in the original Urban Decay Naked Palette.

My quest for this palette reached obsessive levels—I checked Sephora daily, visited stores in my area under the guise of randomness, signed up for every "back in stock" alert, and scoured the brand's Instagram and Reddit for any hint of a restock. At one point, I even contemplated swiping it from my mom when she visited, but my conscience prevailed, and I accepted my fate. The palette seemed destined for a cult classic, legendary unicorn status, forever out of my reach.

Then, against all odds, whispers began circulating on TikTok that the palette was making a triumphant return. And behold, it graced the shelves once more, but this time, for a limited period. Determined not to miss my second chance, I parted ways with the rest of my palettes in eager anticipation.

My Review

The Makeup by Mario brand has easily secured a top spot in my beauty favorites. It's like the makeup artist's secret weapon, but without the intimidating vibe. What sets it apart for me is the careful formulation of its products. I've got a soft spot for the SurrealSkin Liquid Foundation ($42), the Soft Pop Powder Blush ($26), and the SoftSculpt Transforming Powder ($34)—they just make you look effortlessly pretty.

Now, let's talk about the Ethereal Eyes Palette—a true love-at-first-sight situation. The matte shadows feel as luxurious as the softest suede, and the shimmers? They practically melt onto your eyes, giving you that perfect glazed mermaid finish. Honestly, I was almost hesitant to lay a finger on them because they looked so stunning. But, of course, I did, and the pigmented yet blendable shadows allowed me to whip up a gorgeous naked smoky eye with ease.

As someone who usually sticks to gold, bronze, and brown shades, this palette has officially dethroned the rest in my beauty drawer. The matte shades in mauve pink with a hint of shimmer in the inner corners, a full-blown smoky eye, or a subtle sparkle—effortless elegance in every look. Lately, I've been obsessed with layering a slick of shimmer over the matte shades, though a heads-up: the shimmers tend to migrate, so a light primer is your best friend to keep them in check.

Here's the catch—it's a limited edition. If, like me, you can't fathom your beauty routine without it, grab it ASAP. Trust me, it's worth avoiding the regret of paying triple the price on Poshmark later. This palette is destined to sell out again, and I don't want you to miss out.

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