6 Stylish Ways to Rock the No-Pants Trend


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You are hooked by the title, right? Set yourself free from the overrated pants that have consumed a large part of our wardrobe and get to know about the exciting ways to rock the fashion trend minus pants. Let me tell you that most people are not big fans of pants as they are among restrictive legwear. Luckily 2023 is all about rocking no-pants trends that have successfully made their way into the fashion world.

6 Stunning Looks to Flaunt No-Pants Trend

Commanding Look Inspired by Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron No-Pants Look

Come up with your show-stopping look by wearing the long trench coat that reaches your feet over a black cropped top and pair them with sheer black tights. Accessorize the fierce outfit with black sunglasses having cat-eye frames. Within no time, you will be ready with this powerful look that will inspire people and force people to turn their heads toward you.

No-Pants inspired by Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner No-Pants Look

We should learn from Kylie Jenner about how to rock an out-of-the-box style. She effortlessly creates a statement with her daring look. Let’s take an example of the look that she recently came up with by opting for some white underwear, some black tights, and a gray coat to attend the Paris Fashion Week. You can also go with a white top, sheer black tight, and create an amazing contrast by wearing a brown long coat. And you will be ready to wander on the streets and make a statement.

Bella Hadid Balletcore No-Pants Look

Bella Hadid No-Pants Look

No-pants trend gives a feel as if you are all ready to attend dance or gymnastics classes. No doubt it does give you this feel. Initially, you go through an unavoidable awkwardness, however; you get past this anxiety after sensing the freedom you have in this outfit. Bella Hadid deserves credit for bringing up this look in a very casual manner. In New York, she was spotted wearing white short shorts, a leather racing jacket, and Ugg boots.

Florence Pugh Bringing Two Extremes Together

Florence Pugh No-Pants Look

Here comes my favorite look that was created by Florence Pugh. She has flawlessly combined the figure-hugging shorts and voluminous dress without using vibrant colors. Although she went with pastel colors yet successfully drew the attention of everyone towards her outfit. She has shown herself as a perfect example of confidently rocking the look in your way.

Kendall Jenner’s Straight-off-the-Runway Look

Kendall Jenner No-Pants Look

You might be thinking of how we have not discussed Kendall Jenner’s look. Well! We have not nor can’t we as she never forgets to nail any look she creates. She has left everyone in awe including me by appearing in a cozy sweater, pointed-toe shoes, and ultra-elegant accessories. And without any doubt, she looks beautiful in an all-black outfit and gives off the impression of being stylish rather than underdressed.

Create A Personalized look

Besides searching for the look, don’t be afraid of creating your own. If you are not comfortable with showing off your skin, it is totally fine. You can add a baggy layer by wearing an oversized blazer on top of the bodysuit. Wear thigh-high or combat boots to slay the look. You may go another way around by opting for a long top and pairing it with combat boots.

I have another great idea that you can go with without compromising on your style and recent trend. To give the impression that you are dressed in more layers than you are, use cropped shirts with leggings or try layering tights under your bodysuit. Both of these options may be found in fashion magazines.


Trends help you in expressing your individuality and creativity in the fashion world. The same is the case with the no-pants trend. I believe trends never bound you to go out of the way and be the one you are not. There are many ways of following the trend by not compromising on your comfort. Remember, no matter how beautiful an outfit you wear, you will fail to make a statement if you are not comfortable with whatever you are wearing. We have come up with a variety of stylish ways with the help of which you will nail the no-pants trend inspired by well-known celebrities including Dove Cameron, Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner.


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