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So, here is an episode of “The One With All The Rachel Outfits”, or something like “The One Where Rachel’s Fashion Got Judged”. So, after all these years adoring Rachel's fashion sense throughout the season I finally took some of the best ones that needed everyone’s attention on my blog. From her extremely casual graphic tee outfits to the dressy and pink gowns she wore to her ex’s wedding, I have been through all of those and selected the best ones that are my personal favorites and also real easy to recreate for everyone. Most of Rachel's wardrobe has all the staples that all fashionistas, cool girls, It girls, Y2K, and Gen-Z girls own. And most of Rachel Green outfits from the beginning season have that 90s vibe that we cannot get over.

Rachel Green Outfits From FRIENDS I Love

Check some of the most iconic, gorgeous, and attention-worthy Rachel Green outfits from Friends that I personally love and are suitable for everyone to copy.

The One With All The Tops

While she slayed almost every style, the most important staple she owned was tees and fancy tops which can instantly refresh our looks in no time.

Rachel Green Outfits

Just have a look at this one, a subtle grayish turtleneck, a perfect 90s inspired plaid mini skirt, knee high socks, a perfect messy bun, and a wrist watch, looks like a perfect high school outfit to flaunt all day walking from one class to another stylishly.

Rachel Green Outfits

Remember when she was being her best self when attracted to Ross’s girlfriend’s Father (haha) Yeah she wore quite trendy outfits at that moment. This one is on the tropical side because of that green tropical open button down shirt and she paired it with khaki pants to perfectly style them.

Rachel Green Outfits

Remember when she got to know there was a “Rachel hate club” at the school. This outfit is from that episode and we love her subtly flirty white lace top that's enough to grab all the attention from anything towards her.

Rachel Green Outfits

The one with all the football craze, fighting, winning and losing, love this one as it was fun and extremely comfy on the fashion side. Here she wore a black full-sleeve tee with a green sporty tee on top, a black sweatpants, white chunky printed sneakers, did two front braids, and to give it a perfect sporty vibe she wore a black cap.

The One With All The Dresses

Here are the not-too-much-effort outfits, as the dress outfits don't take a lot of time and energy to put together a look and are really easy and simple to slay at any occasion.

Rachel Green Outfits

White and black are always classic to pair together, and we love how amazing this dress looks on Rachel and it's the perfect length to be named as the perfect LBD or mini dress. This also looks like a dressy skirt paired with a white tee, which gives off a perfect 90s and Y2K vibe.

Rachel Green Outfits

Florals and embellishments, we all need those in our little black dress just as much as Rachel does. And I personally love this one as she perfectly slayed that 90s girly vibe with a floral beaded dress, black stockings, a pin in the front strand to secure them and give a little I-put-effort-in-my-hairstyle vibe.

Rachel Green Outfits

This one we all know, how she wanted and how it turned out! Loved how she thought this is a perfect dress to seduce her boyfriend instead it got weird when his parents arrived. It's a perfectly suitable dress for the intentions that Rachel has and also looks great with chunky outerwear on date night.


I can understand the love for Rachel Green's fashion sense. Her outfits are still relevant today and continue to inspire fashion trends. Whether it's her plaid skirts or graphic tees, Rachel's style will always be a classic.


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