Stunning Red and Green Outfit Combinations You Need to Try


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While there are so many outdated trends or worst trends we can ever ask for, here is a bold trend that not everybody can flaunt (it’s a myth). There are many fashion color trends that are just the right vibe and so cool, and red and green are one of them. Here is your chance to change your style and add a hint of playfulness to your looks. 

Unlike the seemingly safer combinations of black and blue or pink and red, the union of red and green has often been deemed a cardinal sin in the fashion world. A concoction that, more often than not, transforms you into a walking embodiment of Christmas cheer, regardless of the season. However, Miu Miu has defied convention, offering a fresh, vibrant, and fun perspective on merging these seemingly clashing hues—no hint of post-eggnog regret in sight.

Picture this: a bold, tomato-red entwined with a softened, pastel green—now that's a killer combination. The key is to let the red steal the spotlight, while the green takes on a more seafoam than celery hue. With this balance, you're on the path to sartorial success. For the real-world execution, ditch the white tights, and opt for cognac leather accessories to infuse a '70s vibe into your ensemble. It's a daring move, but when done right, it's a style statement that speaks volumes

Red and Green Outfits To Copy

Whether you are into a minimal and trendy look or you wanna go all-big on the bold trend by wearing head to toe, these red and green outfits are great options for all.

Classic Red and Green Outfits

Red and Green Outfits

The most classic way to style red and black is by pairing any red top with a green pant, whether wide leg or straight. This is the most easy and simple way to rock the red and green trend. This outfit is perfect for the summer and spring season as it is light and airy and suitable for all occasions.

Red and Green Outfits

Another way you style this classic red and green outfit is to opt for an oversized sweater and baggy pants, this one will be good for winter and fall season. Just step into green pumps with a bow detailing to give an extra hint of green to the outfit and lastly carry a handbag in your choice of color. 

Mix and Match Red and Green Outfits

Red and Green Outfits

Mixing and matching is what we do in fashion, and in fashion there is no limit of styling and pairing. You can simply pair your different colored top with red pants, and top of it wear a green puffer sweater to create the perfect cozy look. Opt for a black handbag to balance out the playful and classic vibe of the look.

Red and Green Outfits

Are we leaving any color behind in this? No. Love the playful and fun vibe of this outfit, all lively colors together making it a perfect attire for when you are in mood to show off your playful side. Pair a red turtleneck with jeans, a green long coat, yellow heels, and a blue handbag to complete the look.

Red and Green Outfits

For a minimal yet trendy combination mix a crisp color to maintain the balance between colorful and neutral outfit. For the ones who always want to add a hint of neutrals and whites to their outfit this one is the perfect choice for you.

Head to Toe Red and Green Outfits

Red and Green Outfits

How stunning this looks, I cannot even begin to explain. Those who want a head to toe red and green outfit but also don’t wanna go all-in for the trend, just go all-big for red for top and add a hint of green by stepping into green pumps to create the perfect vibe.

Red and Green Outfits

Another way, a playful way to rock the head to toe look is this one. What you need is to pair your red top with a red skirt, I would recommend going for leather as it will shine out of you wherever you go. Then, Let's add green to the outfit by opting for green knee-high boots, green mini handbag that's easy to carry. Ta-da you are good to go and rock the look.


Discover the perfect red and green outfit combinations to elevate your style and make a statement. From bold and daring to subtle and sophisticated, these stunning looks are sure to turn heads no matter the occasion. 


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