Here Is Why You Should Start Using Retinol in Your 20s


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Retinol isn't just for tackling wrinkles—trust me, I've been there. Sure, it's often praised for its wrinkle-fighting prowess, but it's a skincare superhero for us twenty-somethings too.

Back in high school, I hopped on the retinol train to keep acne at bay. After a detour with Accutane, I basked in the post-Accutane glow. Fast forward two years, and the glow is waning, with a few pesky breakouts and some lingering acne scars. Cue the return of retinol! I would definitely say this: switching to Retinol in early age was the best decision ever, really.

What Is Retinol, Exactly?

Let me spill the beans on retinol—it's not just an anti-aging magician. This vitamin A-based gem works wonders by promoting cell turnover, bidding farewell to dead skin cells. Dermatologists rave about its ability to give you smoother skin, banish acne, unveil a radiant complexion, and yes, even iron out those fine lines and wrinkles.

In your 20s, retinol steps up its game. It's not just an acne-buster; it's your ally against stubborn comedonal acne, the brightening agent for your complexion, and the magic eraser for scars, sun spots, and dark spots. Plus, it kicks collagen production into gear, giving you plumper skin and smaller-looking pores.

While Tretinoin, a potent Vitamin A-based medication, is the heavyweight champion prescribed for severe acne and deep wrinkles, retinol holds its own. It's available in gentler doses at your local beauty and drugstores, making it the go-to for a skincare boost without the heavy-duty punch.

The One I Started With

Retinol Serum
Versed Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum

This serum caught my eye, especially since skin care specialists were singing its praises on social channels as an ideal starting point. I snagged mine from Target, so if you spot it on your next Target spree, don't hesitate to grab it! I opted for this serum because it boasts a gentle .03% retinol—a safe bet for someone like me easing back into the skincare game. The formula is a dreamy, silky gel that doesn't cause any burning upon application—a relief when dealing with retinol, notorious for its potential irritations in higher concentrations. And the slightly green tint? That's the added chlorophyll, an antioxidant superhero fighting off free radicals.

Dos and Don’ts Of Retinol

Take it slow to avoid any unwanted reactions. The wise Dr. suggests starting with a pea-sized amount for the entire face, every other day or every few days. As your skin builds its tolerance, feel free to ramp up the frequency.

Hydration is key! Since retinol can be a bit drying, crank up the moisture. If your skin tends to be on the drier side, consider the "sandwich method"—moisturize before and after applying retinol. Oh, and a quick tip: resist the temptation to use retinol as a spot treatment. Trust me, it's a one-way ticket to irritation and dryness.
Consistency is your best buddy here. Results with retinol take time—think 6-12 weeks. Stay true to the routine, and trust me, that glow-up will be worth the wait!

So, When Should You Start Using Retinol?

While the big 3-0 has traditionally been the milestone for embracing retinol, the trend is shifting, and many women are diving in earlier. Motivated by early glimpses of aging like sun spots or crow's feet, or just keen on staying ahead with the latest skincare tech, they're doing it under the watchful eye of their dermatologist. The mid-twenties, it turns out, is a sweet spot to kick off the retinol journey. Folks who've jumped on the bandwagon during their 20s swear by it.

But the golden time to initiate retinol hinges on your unique skincare concerns. If acne is your nemesis during your teens, that's a green light to start incorporating this powerhouse into your routine. For preemptive strikes against fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and other aging signs, the 20s and 30s are prime. Now, if you're looking to tackle those signs head-on when they finally make an appearance, roll up your sleeves in your 40s and 50s.



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