Thanksgiving Nail Ideas To Spice Up Your Holiday Look


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You can incorporate the theme into your Thanksgiving outfit as much or as little as possible. On the one hand, all you have to do is pick an autumn color that you like.

Alternatively, you can start thinking creatively by using themed nail art! Do you want to show your creative side? You can express your creativity in different ways with your Thanksgiving nail ideas!

Thanksgiving Nail Ideas To Slay The Holiday Look

Fear not—we've got inspiration for everyone, from those who are skeptical about their ability to paint their nails, to those of you who love using nail painting to create works of art. 

Autumnal Nudes

Autumnal Nude holiday nails

The half moon at the base of the nail is apparent because a neutral effect has been achieved using Lights Lacquer paint. Negative space not only makes nails look amazing but also promotes great nail growth.

Turkey Nails

Turkey Holiday Nails

This manicure, which features a giant turkey wearing a pilgrim's hat, is as Thanksgiving-inspired as nails can get. While others have stunning metallic foiling, this one serves as a focal point.

Fall Foliage Nails

Fall Foliage Holiday Nails

Thanksgiving is the epitome of spectacular fall foliage. If you're unable to take that fantasy scenic drive this year, jazz up your nails with some vibrant leaf decals.

Pumpkin and Plaid

Pumpkin and Plaid Holiday Nails

And pumpkins are so festive for Tea Day that this plaid and pumpkin manicure is perfect for a big treat. Paint two nails with a plaid design, one with a simple pumpkin, and the other nails with designs made with the same paint colors.

Mauvey Brown

Mauvey Brown Holiday Nails

If you prefer pink colors then this design is ideal for you. Luxio Plush combines mauve and chocolate brown varnish to create an elegant yet muted look as your Thanksgiving nail ideas.

Burnt Orange with Swirls

Burnt Orange Swirls Holiday Nails

For more modest Thanksgiving nail ideas, go for traditional burnt orange colors with a straightforward pattern, like this one, for glamorous yet celebratory nails.

Metallic Brown

Metallic Brown Holiday Nails

Choose an autumnal metallic palette for a moment of ultimate sparkle. This one has a shimmery copper metallic accent manicure, a deep burgundy red with silver glitter on top, and the other is that.

Colored Corn Nails

Colored Corn Holiday Nails

If you're looking for something a little subtler, a design like this might be more your style. Colorful corn, a traditional fall and Thanksgiving motif, is inspired by this Instagram design by @coyarose. Beautify your nails with bejeweled studs to create a very unique piece!

How To Choose Thanksgiving Nail Color For Your Skin Tone

Let's face it, not everyone looks good in shades of russet orange or mustard yellow. While it's important to take your skin tones into consideration, keep in mind that the Thanksgiving color palette has a wide spectrum of shades that complement all skin tones. Let's review the color recommendations based on different skin tones and colors:

If your complexion is warm and golden or olive, you're in luck because the Thanksgiving color palette has tons of options that will look great on you! Warm hues such as russet orange and mustard yellow can describe people with warm skin tones. To truly capture the essence of deep decadence, consider colors like copper and earthy browns.

A different combination of Thanksgiving nail colors can be worn by those with cool undertones and light pink undertones. Your best friends are burgundy, navy blue, sheer nudes and silver accent shades. These colors will complement your skin tone beautifully and create an attractive look.

Bright jewel tones look especially beautiful on people with high levels of melanin in their skin. Just imagine how vibrant midnight blue, regal purple, and delicious emerald green would be!

What Nail Designs Work Best During Thanksgiving?

Imagination knows no bounds. So, have fun with your Thanksgiving nail art! Let them represent you and show off your unique style. But if you're looking for trendy holiday nail designs, here's some inspiration:

  • Plaid Pattern: For a casual touch, create a plaid pattern on your nails using a variety of fall colors. If, however, you're not a fan of flannel, keep in mind that Burberry, a high-end brand, also offers plaid.
  • Fall Foliage: A traditional Thanksgiving nail design features vibrant foliage. The best part is that you can access the vibrant colors even after the leaves turn brown.
  • Harvest Theme:The harvest theme includes seasonal nail decorations such as pumpkins, a cornucopia, acorns, and corn on the cob, all reminiscent of the season.
  • Thanksgiving accents: If your manicure is based around pumpkin pie or turkeys, no one will ever guess!
  • Geometric patterns: Keep it sophisticated by using well-chosen colors and lines. Add glitter or gold flakes for festive accents, or apply a matte finish for an even more sophisticated appearance.


May your nails be the perfect finishing touch to your festive outfit and may your Thanksgiving be full of love, warmth and fun! To complete your ensemble and express your excitement for the holiday, we hope you enjoy choosing your Thanksgiving nail ideas and nail colors.


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