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As someone who always leaves her necklace, bracelets, and earrings anywhere she goes, because they aren’t water resistant or not comfortable enough to sleep with, It’s expensive being a jewelry lover. I always lose my favorite pieces everywhere I go, or make my jewelry tarnish by not reading the care instructions and wearing them while showering, washing and cleaning stuff, or while swimming. After all this struggle and chaos, I finally heard of something that sounded like a solution to all the mess that used to happen with my jewelry pieces.

And what Is that, exactly? Permanent Jewelry. It was introduced and started in 1969 from a french house called Aldo Cipullo. Sounds like a tattoo that’s not inserted into the skin but a piece of jewelry that you can’t remove (or it needs help if you want to remove them). Well, don’t get confused, let me quickly explain what it is. A permanent jewelry trend is getting a lot of attention since the past year and we think it is most preferred by someone like me who always messes up with their jewelry and takes care of their jewelry. Permanent jewelry is a great way to get yourself jewelry that will always be close to you, it will be water-resistant so you don’t have to keep thinking about removing them before showering, swimming, and cleaning, you can also connect the permanent jewelry process with something meaningful like you can get a matching permanent jewelry with your significant other to make it a heartwarming process or you can get matching permanent jewelry with your friends and family to show them your love for them.

Now, not only this is enough to get to know about the permanent jewelry as there are alot of factors to consider before getting permanent jewelry, from the process, places to get permanent jewelry from, cost and more. That’s why we have curated a complete guide on everything one should know about permanent jewelry, let’s get right into it.

What Is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry is something that is different from regular jewelry pieces that you can easily remove but the permanent jewelry pieces can’t be removed as it’s perfectly secured, welded, and stuck until you visit the shop again for the removal. Also, permanent jewelry is only jewelry that we know are water-resistant, don’t get tarnished easily, can be slept wearing, can take a shower with them, and we can even swim. The material used in permanent jewelry is solid gold from 9k, 14k and white gold and beyond, So, it’s definitely worth it to get yourself permanent jewelry as soon as possible.

What Are The Types of Permanent Jewelry?

When it comes to jewelry there are a lot of possibilities, styles, sizes, and designs to them. But most importantly what are the most common permanent jewelry people go for these days are mentioned ahead.

  • Bracelet: It is obvious that the bracelets are the most common type of jewelry that is used for the permanent jewelry process as it was the first jewelry ever that was used in the permanent jewelry process in 1969. Remember the Castier Love Bracelet? Designed by Aldo Cipullo who was a jewelry designer back in 1969. Also they are quite reasonable as they are mostly simple without any charms and designs on them which makes them cost less than other jewelry pieces.
  • Anklet: While anklets are also small, are simple, and mostly don’t include any charms and gems, so it also takes less time, money, and material in it which makes it reasonable to get for everyone.
  • Necklace: Well, necklaces aren’t so common but people still go for it. They are longer and mostly contain a delicate or mini charm or something on them so they are a little costly too.
  • Rings: Now rings are the most rare permanent jewelry type people go for, maybe because the process can be sensitive as only a little space is between the fingers and also most people love diamond rings which can be too expensive for a permanent jewelry. But rings can also be done for permanent jewelry and can suit anybody.

What To Consider Before Getting Permanent Jewelry?

When considering getting permanent jewelry, it's important to keep a few factors in mind. While a permanent bracelet is usually removable with sharp kitchen or craft scissors, it's crucial to delay the decision if you anticipate undergoing surgery, an MRI, or any medical treatment requiring the removal of all jewelry. This precaution avoids the need for reattachment after the procedure.

Concerned about exposure to water during activities like showering or swimming? Fortunately, permanent jewelry from reputable brands employs solid gold and sterling silver chains that are both safe for aquatic environments and airport security. Contrary to a common myth about sterling silver tarnishing from wear, consistent wearing of silver jewelry actually prevents tarnishing by naturally polishing the metal. As long as your permanent jewelry is crafted from a tarnish-resistant metal, you can confidently rinse off or enjoy a dip without worry.

What Is The Process of Permanent Jewelry, Does It Hurt?

The process of getting permanent jewelry involves three key steps: 

  1. Selecting the type of jewelry. 
  2. Determining the desired fit (how loose or tight). 
  3. Lastly,  having it welded.

A technician will measure your wrist, neck, or ankle based on the chosen jewelry type, allowing you to customize the fit for maximum comfort, considering that it will stay on until removal (or until you use scissors). The two ends of the jewelry are welded together, and the entire procedure is typically completed in 10 to 20 minutes, pain-free.
This quick process is completely painless, even though there are some tools used for welding and a zapping light that helps connect and secure the piece of jewelry permanently.

Can We Remove Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent Jewelry

Even if it’s known as “Permanent Jewelry”, it isn’t permanent like it cannot be removed until the very last breath. But the fact that they are called permanent for a reason, as we cannot remove them like our regular jewelry pieces by just opening a clasp and ta-da they are off you. Permanent jewelry removals take a lot of effort as compared to regular jewelry pieces, most jewelers suggest getting them removed from a jewelry shop or the same place you get it done if it;s possible for you. And if not, you should use a scissor to subtly cut off the chain to remove your permanent jewelry. Also, if your jewelry chain is a bit thicker than a normal chain it’s suggested to get yourself a wire cutter which will make the removal process smooth and safe.

How Much Does A Permanent Jewelry Cost?

The cost of permanent jewelry varies depending on where you choose to have it done. Some places charge based on the design and material of the bracelet, while others factor in the material and length of the chain required to fit your wrist. For example, at Astrid & Miyu, all chains are solid gold, starting at $120. Catbird offers styles in yellow, white, and rose gold, with prices ranging from $98 to $348. Alexandra Marks Jewelry in Chicago starts silver bracelets at $40, and Stone and Strand bracelets range from $50 to $215. Additionally, charms can be added, with prices spanning from $25 to $125.

Pros & Cons of Permanent Jewelry

Everything has advantages and disadvantages which everyone should be aware of before getting into the process of permanent jewelry to avoid any post disappointments.


  • Perfect fit for you without slipping again and again like your regular jewelry.
  • You can wear these while showering, swimming, any water-contact as it’s water resistant.
  • No need to worry about losing and forgetting your jewelry somewhere as it’s never off you.
  • They don’t get tarnish, and last longer than you think because of their high quality.
  • They need bare to no maintenance compared to other jewelry.


  • There are only selective places and brands that offer permanent jewelry.
  • The chains can break easily as they are a bit fragile.
  • Can be costly as only fine jewelry is used for the chains.
  • You can’t take it off if they don’t match with your outfit.
  • It will need removal if you have to go through surgery, X-ray, or MRI.

Places You Can Get A Permanent Jewelry From

You can visit these places according to the city you belong to:

How Long Permanent Jewelry Last?

Permanent Jewelry

With proper maintenance, these items can endure for an extended period. In our personal experience, the bracelet held up admirably for just under three weeks, enduring three trips to the beach, two days at the pool (despite recommendations from some jewelry makers to avoid such exposure), and 18 yoga classes, in addition to regular daily wear and tear, before unexpectedly breaking during a change.

Considering this, it's advisable to explore the company's warranty and replacement policy. Some companies offer free re-welding of permanent jewelry for a period ranging from six months to a year after purchase. It's also prudent to inquire about the material composition of the chain before committing to a purchase. Opting for a 9-karat gold chain, for example, can reduce the likelihood of stretching.

For those concerned about durability, certain brands provide thicker chains and clasps. In the rare event that a piece of permanent jewelry becomes dislodged, it can be re-welded. To safeguard the chain until it can be professionally addressed, storing it in a small zip-lock bag with a securely fastened short tail is recommended.

Is Permanent Jewelry Worth Trying?

Same as tattoos or piercings, investing in permanent jewelry often involves a significant cost. Dermatologists and professional welders suggest opting for substantial materials, with the price typically increasing with each karat. However, this investment ensures the acquisition of quality pieces that can withstand the test of time. This is particularly valuable for individuals who tend to misplace jewelry, prefer simple designs, or wish to have matching accessories with their loved one. Given its permanent nature, the cost of permanent jewelry seems justified for those seeking stunning and meaningful statement jewelry piece.

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