Worst Fashion Trends That Should Never Have Happened


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When you ask me about Fashion, I would describe it as self-expression. It is a way to show what your style is, to show your creativity through your overall dress, accessories, and everything else that comes into it. Hundreds of styles have come and gone over the past few decades, and some have even made a comeback because they were so hot at the time.

And then there are those fashions that people should never wear again because they were so hideous, we can't believe anyone ever did.

8 Worst Fashion Trends We Wish Never Existed

Saggy Pants

Worst Fashion Trends

Who would want to wear their jeans or pants so low? The majority of people feel awful when they see people following the trend of hanging pants. I have seen a few celebrities following this trend a little too seriously, and the public is feeling terrible about this fashion trend. Adults all over the world have harshly criticized this fad since it first appeared, but young people today are too preoccupied with pulling up their jeans to pay attention.

If you bend over to pick something up, you're going to give everyone behind you a free show. It's like trying to balance a plate on a stick.


Worst Fashion Trends

I know that most of the people wearing these find it very comfortable, but there are a lot of other comfy shoes that would do well to your fashion as well. I can assure you that there are many other pairs of shoes available that will not make you appear like you just won the lottery but never go for the Crocs as it is considered to be one of the worst fashion trends. 

Skinny Scarves

Worst Fashion Trends

For a short while, scarves were at the peak of fashion. Not bulky, woolly scarves that would truly keep you warm, but rather thin ones that hung loosely over your neck. I don't see the point of these tiny scarves. Fashion trends should vary upon utilizing the item as well. Skinny scarves are of no use, as they don’t look good on an outfit and are one of the worst fashion trends. 

Tiny Purses 

What is the purpose of carrying a purse where you cannot even put a lip color for sure? Does this fashion trend make sense? No right? Carrying something so useless and not even going with your outfit makes me question the fashion trend. They don’t give a practical look and are too small to carry most essential items, such as a phone or wallet. 

Bleached Eyebrows

Worst Fashion Trends

I would never want the bleached eyebrows fashion trend to come back. It looks ugly as as it sounds. They are also considered to be controversial beauty trends as well because they give harsh and unnatural looks. Many people feel like bleached eyebrows make a person look sick or washed out. 


Worst Fashion Trends

Spiky hair is a very dangerous fashion trend in my opinion. They look like you have gotten an electric shock from somewhere. They also resemble a head of a rooster for real. Just imagine you accidentally poking someone’s eye out with those sharp spikes, if you are feeling a little extra edgy and want to take the risk, go for it. 

Overly thin Eyebrows

Worst Fashion Trends

Thin eyebrows are a common early trend since they give the impression that you are always astonished or perplexed. You shouldn't go around looking like you're always asking, "What? Huh? For real? What would happen if you wiped off one of your eyebrows while sneezing? A thin line is all that will be left, and it's not attractive to anyone. 

Shoulder Pads

Worst Fashion Trends

The worst fashion trend ever is shoulder pads, but why is that? Because they will make you look like a defender. No one wants to walk around with anything that makes them look like they're going to tackle someone. What would you do if your massive shoulder pads unintentionally knocked someone over? It will make you feel like a Fashion bully.


I think a fashion style is "worst" if it's uncomfortable, not useful, or doesn't look good on anyone. For example, a bad sign is if a trend is so tight that you can't move or so loose that you have to keep making changes. Also, a trend is probably not worth buying if it doesn't fit with your lifestyle at all, like if you have to wear heels to go climbing. And finally, a trend won't make you feel your best if it doesn't work with your body type or style.

In the end, fashion is about expressing yourself, so you should always wear what makes you feel strong and comfortable. Let’s be real if you're wearing something that makes you look like a walking potato sack, it's not doing you any favors. The best fashion trend is one that makes you feel like a boss, not like you're being held hostage by your clothes.


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