Editorial Guidelines


At VogueTonic, we give attention to the following core principles before publishing any piece of content.

No Clickbait Headlines

The beauty market has much to talk about. With a little effort, we can bring it all as a part of our web content. However, we do not choose to do so because our main goal is to publish content that is worthwhile, good, and readable. We believe an appealing headline deserves a chance only when its content is healthy enough to satisfy the reader.

Our page does not claim to share every bit of information regarding the events happening in the beauty world. Neither do we try to lure any of our audiences with clickbait headlines that may under-deliver as a result. Our team believes that information is useful only when it is difficult to find elsewhere. We have created our web page with the sole purpose of enhancing our readers’ beauty journey.

For this reason, we only share content that may help our readers to feel leveled up, prioritized, and seen.

Reliable Information From Recognized Resources

We only had content pieces after approving them from experts. Our content writers and reporters try to connect with the most recognized and leading dietitians, physicians, dentists, personal trainers, stylists, makeup artists, and dermatologists before publishing any content. Readers can feel free to trust all our articles and blogs that revolve around skin, hair, and acne problems.

Also, we let the highest authority professionals review our content for quality and accuracy. The market holds plenty of content related to global health and wellness trends that may lack any kind of scientific proof or evidence but are worth sharing. For such content, we promise only to share facts and figures that are beneficial to the readers. As a result, you can always spend your savings on the right type of treatment.

We Prioritize Our Readers

We publish articles and blogs with the primary goal of helping you enhance your everyday beauty regimen. Our team tries to boost confidence and motivate every reader. All-over published content pieces and stories are inspired by the latest product trends, beauty breakthroughs, audience feedback, and ingredient discoveries. Feel free to follow us on our social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, or leave us a note at [email protected].

Reviewing And Rectifying

All the content pieces posted and published on our website are relatable and vibrant. Also, they are added to our platform while keeping journalistic integrity in mind. We forward all of our articles and blogs for fact-checking and accuracy, where our professionals review the content for statistics, stated facts, and clinical research.

When posting a story or article for which we may not have a direct quotation from a high professional, our writers make sure to check its facts and figures through certified medical journals. Furthermore, we will add a citation from one of our trusted resources to help readers know that our writers and content team have performed the required research.

Our Writing Team

Our writers do not copyright or repeat content without rechecking it or analyzing it. They are skilled professionals with enough experience from relatable fields in the market. We own experienced critics who make sure to review every bit of information and are not responsive toward popular health or wellness stunts. At VogueTonic, we may have a huge team of writers yet our members are evaluated strictly based on experience, interest, and personal skills.

The contributors at our company have multiple years of experience across the industry for thoroughly interviewing recognized professionals and authorities. It helps us to create content that particularly solves reader queries without compromising on accuracy. Whoever reads our website can make sure that the information we share is from a qualified resource.

VogueTonic dedicatedly works to provide high-quality, well-researched, and plagiarism-free content. We are strictly against producing content through different AI-based tools.

Content Correction And Update

Our stories and articles at VogueTonic are accurate and fact-checked. However, the information requires updates and variations as per the latest trends. We always make sure to keep updating and reviewing the content as it helps to provide our readers with the latest and most up-to-date information.

Nevertheless, if you find any of our published content pieces that may require alteration, correction, or update, please let us know. You can connect with senior writers Trinity Campbell and Bianca Meadows through [email protected].

Variety And Inclusion

At VogueTonic, we give a little more attention to inclusion and variety. It means we do not particularly focus on an individual; rather, overnighters try to prioritize and represent every race, sexual orientation, and gender. We dedicatedly work for the betterment of the most underrepresented and hidden voices. Our goal is to lift them and motivate them to share their perspectives and ideas regarding the beauty world.

Because beauty comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes, we try our best not to let anyone stay out of the circle.We promise to stay dedicated to our goal of working for inclusion and variety. Our company will continue to prioritize the representation of all individuals equally. Also, we make sure to come up with content that is anti-biased and filled with inclusivity.

To make sure of this, our content is reviewed by our senior editor Farrah Monroe. For this reason, we make all of our stories representative on a visual basis for all the audiences available at VogueTonic.

Ethics Of Editing

To enhance our circle and support coverage, our editing and contribution team collaborates with multiple PR brands, beauty ventures, cosmetic companies, salons, and spas. Doing so helps VogueTonic to outdo competitors and stay on top of the industry. Our brand works for all sorts of beauty breakthroughs in the market, covering everything from the latest beauty and wellness ingredients to the latest in-house products that may be considered important and beneficial.

The writers in our team make sure not to recommend any sort of products and treatments that we do not consider appropriate or write about them. Moreover, over-employees do not accept any sort of monetary compensation for covering any such content or publishing it on our platform. Each of our writers and contributors is bound to follow the rules and guidelines provided by FTC.

Product Reviews

One of our most important goals is to provide all our audiences and readers with accurate and unbiased information related to all sorts of beauty and wellness products available in the market. To make sure of sharing the right information and recommending the best of all products, we connect with our extensive network of beauty experts.

Otherwise, we test any of the products before sharing their details or consulting with our trusted contributors to review them. As a result, audiences can easily find and understand every minor detail about the product, and this leads to a healthy decision. Readers may find different links throughout our content and product reviews.

Clicking on these links helps us to earn a commission, however, none of the content pieces that we share result in any sort of compensation or consideration. It means, all the product recommendations available on our website that are completely editorial. Undoubtedly, product owners connect with us and send us different products for review and detailing, but the ideas and opinions that we share are purely dedicated to our readers.