Top Bandana Hairstyles to Keep You Looking Cool


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If you are always on a lookout for something new to do to your hair, then my girl, you are at the right place. I always do my hair whenever I step out of my home, and even sometimes when I am bored at home (not guilty). While I always try something new, this time when I was doing my hair and wondering what should I do, I just did a tiny bun because I was too tired of thinking about something and nothing came to my mind, but I am not finished here. When I did the bun and was rushing to leave, I saw my bandana on the side table and the rest you know… 

Exact thing I did was just wrapped the bandana on my mini bun, and ta-da. It made a great difference and the hairstyle actually looked so cool. It felt like a perfect Y2K hairstyle and gave a perfect cool girl aesthetic for sure. So, the thing is even a single step can take a boring and dull look to the next level, just like hair accessories. Whether it's a mini hair pin you choose or a perfectly cool bandana that always has you back.

Bandana Hairstyles That Are So Cool

Okay so, let’s get right into some of the most stunning bandana hairstyles that are really easy to achieve and even more effortless to flaunt anytime anywhere.


Ponytail Bandana Hairstyle

Creating a casual ponytail couldn't be easier, but kick it up a notch with a bandana for instant trendiness. To ensure the scarf or bandana stays put, use bobby pins to secure it around the ponytail.

Top Of The Head

Bandana Hairstyle

On those indecisive hair days, opt for a stylish patterned bandana to sweep your locks into a chic arrangement. Finish with sleek, glossy hair for the perfect touch. If you're concerned about heat damage, no worries—let your hair air dry a few times a week as a heat-free alternative.

Effortless Loose

Bandana Hairstyle

Okay, it might be a bit bothersome to keep brushing hair out of your face, but the effortlessly chic vibes and loose tendrils make it totally worthwhile.

Boho Braid

Bandana Hairstyle

Embrace a boho look by braiding sections back, securing them with a tie or clip, and adding a flowing bandana for that carefree touch.


Bandana Hairstyle

Short on time but want a polished appearance? Clip or tie your hair in a half-up style and wrap a bandana around the section. It's a major statement with minimal effort.

Tied on Top

Bandana Hairstyle

Transform your bandana into a headband by folding it and tying it into a bow on top of your head. This look is bound to garner compliments. Enhance the texture with products like IGK's Rich Kid Air-Dry Styler and Best Life Oil for a beachy wave with added shine.

Face Framing Wisps

Bandana Hairstyle

For a sophisticated "I summer in Positano" vibe, gather your hair into a bandana style, leaving wisps in front to frame your face. Bonus points if you have a convertible to complete the look!


So, now that you have understood the power of a hair accessory, which of these bandana hairstyles will you use next? I guess you are going to try all of these, right? Always try to mix and match and never hesitate to make something as unique as you.


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