Christmas Eyeshadow Looks to Get You in the Holiday Spirit


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While maybe you have decided on your Christmas outfits, Christmas decors, Christmas nails, Christmas travel getaways, and everything you wanna do this Christmas, you are missing something: Christmas eyeshadow looks! Well, there’s nothing to worry about as we still have plenty of time to decide on that too. I was also searching for the perfect Christmas eyeshadow look that goes well with my Christmas outfits I have planned in my head and also the ones I saved on pinterest.

Holiday makeup looks are really simple to achieve if you really focus on small details, for example If you often wear soft and subtle colors for makeup then go for a bold red lip or smokey eyes this time to make a unique Christmas look. Just like that, If you are more into bold and vibrant makeup looks in daily life then go for subtle shimmer eyelids or just do a wing liner to make a unique statement on your holiday events.

Christmas Eyeshadow Looks You Should Try

Ahead are some of the gorgeous and easy to recreate Christmas eyeshadow looks that are suitable for all the holiday invitations you have received and goes well with all your Christmas inspired outfits for sure.

Winged Eyeliner

Winged Eyeliner Look

If you want to create a vintage Hollywood holiday vibe with the timeless allure of winged eyeliner, Opt for a bold black flick for a classic touch or experiment with brown or emerald pencil for a unique twist. Keep it simple elsewhere with a light foundation, defined brows, and a touch of lip balm.

Sparkling Eyelids

Sparkling Eyelids Makeup

If you really wanna add holiday magic into your eye makeup, what's better than opting for sparkling and shimmery eyeshadows. Explore shades like pink, purple, green, or gold for an ethereal effect. Blend skillfully with a fluffy brush for a seamless, multidimensional look. Also don’t forget to highlight the inner corners to give it a little more shimmery look and a Christmas-perfect vibe as well.

A Pop Of Color

A Pop Of Color Eye Makeup

What I would suggest is to experiment with bright, festive colors on your eyes or lips. Teal, purple, or green eyeshadow can bring unexpected cheer to your look. Focus on one area—either the eyes or lips—and keep the rest neutral to let the vibrant color take center stage. 

Subtle Smokey Eyes

Soft Smokey Eyes

For a holiday makeup look that screams depth and drama without overwhelming, opt for soft smokey eyes. Choose shades of brown, grey, or plum and blend them across the lids and into the crease for a subtle yet striking effect. Soft smokey eyes are versatile, effortlessly complementing festive dresses, skirts, or elegant tops. The subdued shadow enhances your eyes without overshadowing your holiday ensemble, making it an ideal choice for various plans, from casual festivities to more formal occasions.

Plum Everything

Plum Makeup Look

I have spotted so many holiday makeup looks and also the year's hottest makeup trends and what I found all over the internet was plum eyeshadows and lip colors for a winter-inspired look. Pair a plum lid with a brown or taupe crease shade to add depth and definition. Complement the look with rosy blush and highlighter on the cheekbones. 


Any festive event this season whether it’s a Christmas dinner or a wedding, calls for a shimmery, bold, and playful makeup look and you can easily create a perfect vibe by experimenting with colors and everything you can do with your Christmas eyeshadow looks. Personally I would suggest going for bold and fiery shades to fully enjoy the bright vibes of Christmas. As we also opt for the shimmering, bright, and vibrant embellished outfits for the festive season we should never hesitate to go all-glam. You should give these looks a try and find something that suits you really well and goes with all your holiday plans, whether it’s a family dinner or a holidate you will sure flaunt these Christmas eyeshadow looks without putting a lot of effort on your overall makeup. Attractive eyes can make all the difference!

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