Common Candle Burning Mistakes You Need to Stop Making


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Who doesn't love to have a home that loves candles? Maybe you have a candle that you burn every night before bed, or you can't function without a relaxing scent in your apartment. Normally every American have a whole storage full of candles that are appropriate for different times of the year and moods, and they have no plans to reduce my assortment anytime soon. Additionally, it’s a popular gift to giveaway your friends and family.

While burning candle there are few mistakes we all make and it must be addressed quickly. All of these faults can be easily fixed if you are burning a well-made, high-quality candle. You just need to understand the problem and know how to solve it.

Common Candle Burning Mistakes To Avoid

Burning Candle

Now let's go to find these mistakes quickly so you may avoid them.

Not Burning the Candle Enough for First Time

A common mistake is to light the candle for too short a time when it first burns out.

The size of the wax pool formed during the first burn determines how long the candle will last. Since the afterburner cannot melt the wax that is melted too close to the edge of the candle, tunneling—the process by which the candle burns hollow and remains behind a thick, unused screen or rim goes.

Make sure the initial burn lasts long enough to melt the candle to the rim to prevent tunneling. This is called the "memory configuration" of light.

As a general rule of thumb, burn a new candle for every 2.5 cm (1 inch) in diameter for one hour. Therefore, a 7.5 cm (3 inch) diameter candle should have a minimum first burn time of 3 hours.

Not Trimming the Wick

A candle with a wick that is too long can start to smoke. Maintain a clean lamp at all times. A well-trimmed wick produces a steady, peaceful flame, which indicates that the candle is burning evenly.

The flame produces complete combustion, and the wick effectively draws the appropriate amount of wax. A wick that is too long will not be able to pull the wax up and will begin to smoke as it burns.

Instead, trim the wick to 6 mm (1/4 inch) and remove any debris from the wick before burning. A candle's ability to burn evenly can be affected by any debris left in the wax pool.

Candles placed too Closed to Draughts

What are first drafts? There are places where the wind is very strong. If you keep them there, the candles won't burn easily in drafts or places where there is a lot of wind.

These spaces include those with open windows and under fans or air conditioners.

The sides of the candle jar come into contact with the agitated, flickering flame. As a result, your candle container will have dark spots. This would completely destroy the aesthetic, and surely no one wants that? A very easy way to avoid this is to avoid placing the candle too close to drafts. After that, you can proceed!

Ignoring the Candle and Candle Burn Time

An unattended candle can cause a fire, so never do this. Before leaving the room or going to bed, always make sure to blow out the candles - they are always burning in plain sight! While this kind of advice may seem obvious, hundreds of poorly used candles cause damage every year.

Each candle has a recommended burn time. Neglecting this can cause the candle to burn unevenly and overheat, which will shorten its lifespan. For the best burn time, follow the directions on the candle packaging. While it's easy to suck on your travels, we recommend not giving your candles more than four hours to burn.

Use of Wrong Container

The container the candle is in has a big effect on attraction! However, this can cause problems if the container is too small for the candle. There is a chance that the flame will flicker and smoke. This will result in dark spots on the container.

So how can we stop it?

  • Make sure the top of the container is open enough to allow hot air to escape.
  • Make sure the container you choose is at least 3.5cm higher than the candle. If you are unable to find a large container, choose a relatively small candle.


Candle care can extend the life of your candles and lead to a clean and safe burn. Always follow the safety instructions that come with our candles. Enjoy the beautiful scents of candle in your room, kitchen or anywhere on any occasion you like.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are burning it for the first time, be careful to burn it for one hour for every 2.5 cm of diameter.You will need to burn your candle for two hours if it is five centimeters in diameter.

Carbon will build up on the wick of a candle when it is burned for a long time.As a result, the wick will become unstable and ignite a large flame.
For four hours. Burning a candle for more than four hours will only damage the wick!

Yes! Each type of candle wax has a different burn time because they are made of different ingredients.Candles made from soy and beeswax generally burn longer than candles made from paraffin wax.


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