Why Danucera Cerabalm is the Only Moisturizer You'll Ever Need


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My skin tends to get dehydrated, and I used to mistakenly label it as dry. A knowledgeable esthetician corrected me, explaining that dry skin lacks oil production and doesn't break out. My skin, on the other hand, rebels at the mere sight of products with added fragrances. I'm not a fan of drinking water, and as a result, the top layer of my skin dries out, akin to phyllo dough on spanakopita. Without proper exfoliation, the trapped oils lead to breakouts—an unsettling sleep paralysis demon of sorts.

Danucera Cerabalm Review

Danucera Cerabalm

The dry winter air exacerbates my skin's hydration struggle. Despite using my trusty Dyson Humidifier, I rely on moisturizing products during this season. Enter: Danucera Cerablam.

Having been a fan of Rescue Spa since my first visit to the Gramercy location in New York, I had high hopes for the founder's own skincare line. Unlike other balm cleansers, Cerabalm has a unique, light, and stick-free jelly texture. Applying it is a soothing experience, effortlessly spreading across my entire face and removing all traces of makeup without a fuss.

After some gentle motions, the jelly transforms into a milky oil, easily removed with a warm muslin cloth or organic baby washcloths. The formula includes clean actives like apricot kernel oil (my "nature's retinol") and sea buckthorn oil (anti-inflammatory and great for acne), providing skincare benefits as I cleanse. Thanks to its hydrating ingredients and non-clogging formula, Cerabalm is versatile enough to be used as a mask, moisturizer, or lip balm—a savior during long flights.

Post-Cerabalm cleansing, my skin feels clean, tight, yet surprisingly supple—an uncommon combination. During my initial application, the gentle and jelly-like texture left me questioning its efficacy. However, upon removal, my skin felt as pampered as after a facial. It's so hydrating and soft that on some occasions, I've skipped moisturizer altogether.

One night, I left it on for an hour while catching up on evening emails, turning it into an intensive replenishing mask. Admittedly, it's not the most aesthetically pleasing, so caution is needed—hair pulled back, and no furry friends attempting face-licking encounters.

Final Words

At $95 per luxurious glass jar (there's also a $55 travel-friendly option), Cerabalm falls firmly into the high-end skincare category. Yet, considering its unique texture, multi-purpose use, and quality ingredients, the cost seems justifiable. Since incorporating it into my routine, my once bone-dry, dehydrated skin hasn't broken out. Instead, it's left dewy and supple after each cleanse. Will I be using it devoutly every winter? Absolutely!

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