How to Create Your Dream Sunken Living Room


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Sunken living rooms are gaining popularity once again after being popular in the 1960s. Conversation pits, also called gathering places, are versatile and can be both comfortable and welcoming. Living rooms with sunken living rooms have the living room lower than the rest of the house, like a pit. This is why these spaces are also referred to as conversation pits. It is best to use this feature in homes that have a crawl space or a concrete slab foundation.

Read on if you'd like to update your sunken living room with home decor or would like to incorporate it into a new home design. We'll explain how this fascinating design component works and how you can get it.

Steps To Create Your Dream Sunken Living Room

Almost any type of home can incorporate a sunken living room. The following are some ideas for designing sunken living rooms:

High Ceiling With Luxury Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

The sunken living room features high ceilings with pendant lights such as Veitchii Modern Ceramic Branch Chandelier Veitchii Gold 4-light Corner High Ceiling Pendant Lights and an impressive working fireplace. The space is quite large and contains a variety of areas - there's a sofa to watch TV, a small dining nook, and a space to sit by the windows. This room is a multipurpose space that can be utilized by the entire family.

Add Some Mid-Century Modern Flair

Mid-Century Modern Sofa

A sunken living room with exposed wood walls and beams feels rustic and nice. While the furniture chosen for it is anything but cabin-like, the interior design style mix proves to be a very successful one. Stylish mid-century modern furnishings and prints add a touch of elegance to this gathering space. 

Low-profile furniture can also look great in a sunken living room; a chair on the floor, like the Mervynn Mid-Century Modern Button Tufted Fabric Recliner by Christopher Knight Home, would be a good choice.

Make it Modern with Minimal Design

Mid-Century Modern Sectional Sofa

Modern architecture is a popular choice for your custom home. Sunken living rooms should be kept minimal with clean lines in this design trend. If you request built-in sofas or other minimal seating such as an Upholstered Curved Corduroy/ Polar Fleece Minimalist Sofa with Pillows, the space will feel luxurious and elevated. To emphasize the modern design of your space, use modern lighting. If you want to highlight the minimalist style of the space, choose recessed lighting.

Add An Open Kitchen


With its sunken living room next to the kitchen, this space is perfect for entertaining. Even though they are part of an open floor plan, the sunken feature helps separate these two rooms. Also seamlessly incorporated into the design are the steps leading to the second floor. The best table for an open kitchen is Mieres Kitchen Island with 2 Stools and Open Shelves. Buy this from Bed Bath and Beyond and give it a luxury touch.

Add Colors with Curtains


This curtain panel reduces noise and blocks harsh sunlight, making your sunken living room the perfect place to unwind. The fabric is made of high-quality polyester, and it can be machine-washed for easy care. An easy-to-install panel with brushed nickel grommets that adds style to your décor. The panel is lightweight and durable, and it comes in a variety of colors and patterns to match your tastes. It is the perfect addition to any bedroom.

Indoor and Outdoor Living Space


At the moment, indoor and outdoor living spaces are being blended more and more in home design. Incorporating a sunken living room into your outdoor space creates a seamless flow between the two areas. If you'd like to entertain outdoors, your sunken living room can flow directly onto a patio.

It will feel natural to move outdoors as you or guests enter a lower living room. Alternatively, you can ask for bifold patio doors such as Traditional Divided Glass Unfinished Wood Tone Bifold Door if you need more space. Your entertaining space will be doubled without a barrier separating indoors and outdoors.

Decorate with Plants


Plants will keep your sunken living room from feeling too drab or dark. Adding plants to an area can help you create a relaxing or entertaining environment. Put a neutral color palette together with an abundance of plants such as Green Artificial Banana Leaf Plant Foliage and flowers to add a pop of color. It is important to pick the right plants for your space to set yourself up for success in indoor gardening.


The sunken living room serves as an interactive space in the home that encourages a social way of life, intended to facilitate gatherings. The open design of the sofas also aids in making a living room appear bigger thanks to their uncluttered appearance. You can add whatever you want, it all depends upon your choice. 

We hope our blog helps you to create a type of Sunken living room design that allows conversations to flow easily and people to be nearby. The sunken living room also creates a more intimate atmosphere, as people are more likely to be comfortable and relaxed.


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