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Hot dogs are a favorite food of many people. Almost 95% of American love to eat hot dogs. Korean corn dogs are also hot dogs with rice cakes, fish cakes,and cheese coated in a batter and deep fried. They are finished with sugar and squirt based on your choice of ketchup mayonnaise, and mustard or all three. These tastes sweet and salty and completely delicious. Some Korean hot dogs are made with yeasted batter, and some are made with rice flour batter.

Additionally, the outer crust of the Korean hot dog can be coated with other ingredients, such as French fries or dried Roman noodles to give the extra texture and taste. If you want even more taste,you could try using potatoes. 

How To Make Korean Corn Dogs? 

Korean Corn Dogs

Following are some easy steps to make Korean corn dog:

1. Assemble

Start by cutting the hot dogs in half. Cut the blocks of mozzarella cheese into sticks roughly the size of the halved hot dog. Use a stick and shiver a hot dog over cheese. Place them in the fridge to keep them cold.

2. Make the batter

To make the batter in a bowl, mix flour, milk,egg, baking powder, sugar,and a pinch of salt until it becomes thick and smooth.Pour a batter into a tall cup so it is easier to dip a hot dog. Like the hot dogs and cheese, it is best to keep this in the fridge so it stays cold.

3. Dip

Hold on to the stick and dip the hot dog coating completely, making sure that the batter is clinging to the hot dog and cheese.

4. Coat 

Immediately take a battered hot dog and coat it in panko, being sure to press on the panko gently. Ensuring that it is completely coated in panko.

5. Fry 

Heat the oil over medium-high heat. You want the oil temperature to be between 350 degrees and 375 degrees. When you add your corn dogs,the oil temp will drop or will be decreased. Fry the coated corn dogs without crowed until their shade becomes golden and crispy. Use a pair and tongs or a slotted spoon to carefully scoop them out and let them drain rack.

6. Enjoy

Sprinkle or roll the golden corn dog in sugar and finish with the squiggle of ketchup and mustard or both you want as well.

How To Serve Korean Corn Dogs?

These are typically served with ketchup, American mustard sauce, and sprinkles of white sugar around the corn dog. This combination lends a nice balance of flavor; in particular, the sugar is an excellent addition to help offset their acidic flavor profile, balancing the tanginess and tartness of ketchup and mustard sauce.

How To Store Korean Corn Dogs?

You can store any leftovers in the fridge for 2 to 3 days or freezer for up to 1 month. Store them well in an airtight container.

Any leftover corn dogs can be revived in the microwave or air fryer. For a blast of heat, use the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds; alternatively, pop it into an air fryer at 180 degrees Celsius (356 F) and let cook for 4 minutes. Air fryers will give a crisper texture, but they both taste just as good as the first time.

What Is KoreanHot Dog Batter Made Off?

There are a couple of differences between the corn dogs you know and Korean corn dogs. The main difference between corn dogs and Korean corn dogs lies in the batter. Corn dogs are battered in a cornmeal batter, and Korean corn dogs are rice flavored battered.

What Makes Korean Corn Dog Different?

Americans typically consume 7 billion hot dogs, but now Korean hot dogs become popular. There are several differences between traditional corn dogs and Korean corn dogs. The batter is the primary distinction between corn dogs and Korean corn dogs. In the United States, cornmeal is used to bread corn dogs, whereas in Korea, yeasted dough or rice flour is used.

In Korea, corn dogs are additionally topped with sugar. In addition, hot dogs are optional in it. Numerous corn dogs in Korea are prepared with mozzarella cheese, fish cakes, or rice cakes.


Korean corn dogs are a trendy Korean street food. It is filled with cheese and sausage and then coated in crispy panko. The delectable sweet and savory treat is gaining popularity all over the world. It is a popular dish in South Korea. It is a hot dog-style sausage coated in a sweet and savory batter deep fried until its shade changes into golden and feels crispy to the touch while eating. This hot dog contains a lot of calories in it.

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