7 Lob Haircuts That Are Worth Trying for a Fresh Look


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While we are seeing shorter hair trends these days, there's no doubt that long hair always looks stunning and trendy no matter what. Well, if you ever got Bob done on yourself you must have at least once had a thought of “oh it's too short” or “how long i have to wait for them to grow till shoulder length”, if you ever thought that, you don’t have to anymore. Becuare Lob (long bob) is here to save you. I cannot believe how long bob still serves the same stunning vibe like a classic bob but in long length, truly a win-win. 

The day I noticed many celebrities and influencers rocking the Lob effortlessly and in their own unique way, I cannot help but get one for myself. Well, if you are too considering to get a Lob on yourself then you have come to the right place because I have some stunning ideas for your next chop.

Best Lob Haircuts to Try Now

From a sleek and straight lob to a high-defined curl lob, we have picked some of the most stunning Lob haircuts for you.

Shaggy Lob

Jenna Ortega Shaggy Lob Haircut

All we see in 2023 is messy and low-maintenance haircuts, and shaggy haircuts are just one of them. They suit people with wavy hairs, because you don’t have to create waves on your own to get the perfect shaggy vibe. Jenna Ortega here is making sure that shaggy lob looks as gorgeous as her.

Sleek Lob

Selena Gomez Sleek Lob Haircut

A sleek and neat hair is every girl's dream, and Selena Gomez is literally living the dream here. While few times back Selena's Curly bob looked as gorgeous as this. Love how effortlessly she is pulling off this Lob look by just styling the hair in the sleekest way possible.

Straight Lob

Hailey Bieber Straight Lob Haircut

We all have seen Hailey Bieber in short bob, mostly. And no doubt she made them her signature style whether she style them wav, dead straight or in a bun. But here she added a twist to her go-to short bob with a Lob, and we are so obsessed with her look.

Side-Parted Lob

Margot Robbie Side-Parted Lob Haircut

All the side-parted hair lovers, this is the perfect lob for you. This is an effortless hairstyle of all time, has a stunning appeal, perfect length, a feminine side-parted look and what not? Simply love this hair on our barbie Margot Robbie.

Curly Long Bob

Curly Long Bob Haircut

Who said bobs are only suitable for straight or wavy hairs? This curly lob is proof that lob is for everyone and any kind of hair texture. And the best thing about this is how effortless and easy this will be for curly heads as curls are quite difficult to style.

Lob with Bangs

Lob with Bangs

Bangs are anything but boring, right? And what a combination this is. A perfect long bob and bangs are everything you need to add a twist to your classic hairstyle.

Soft Curl Lob

Soft curls Lob Haircut

Soft curls have their own charm and we can see that charm in this hairstyle. A Lob and soft curls are a perfect combination and a great haircut idea for your next chop.


If you're looking to switch things up with your hair, consider trying out a lob haircut. This versatile style falls just above the shoulders and can be customized to fit your face shape and personal style. A blunt lob creates a sleek and sophisticated look, while a layered lob adds movement and texture. You can also play with different partings and styling techniques to switch up your look even more. With so many options, there's a lob haircut out there for everyone. Give it a try and see how it can give you a fresh, new look.


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