Must-Try October Nail Ideas to Spice Up Your Nails


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Welcome to October—seriously, where did the time go? If you're in the mood for a perfect manicure to match the season, we've got you covered. Not everyone wants pumpkins and ghosts on their nails, though, so we've gathered some elegant nail art ideas for October. 

Think of earthy, neutral tones, stylish black-and-white combos, enchanting purples with a touch of witchy vibes, and more. Say goodbye to kitsch and hello to chic. Check them out below.

October Nail Ideas You Will Love

Whether you are into solid nails with a hint for chrome or you want a playful patterned nail design like a tiger print or a croc-inspired one, here are stunning picks of October nails you would love to copy.

Chrome-Coated Pumpkin Nails

Chrome Pumpkin Nails

While orange is a classic fall polish choice, nail artist Amber Hancock takes it up a notch by adding a chrome finish. This transformation elevates the shade, giving it a touch of glamour without sacrificing its autumn essence.

Tortoiseshell Color-Blocking Nails

Tortoiseshell Color-Blocking Nails

While tortoiseshell may trigger memories of back-to-school glasses, nail artist Callie Hager proves how chic it can be when paired with another trend: color-blocking. In this manicure, two nails flaunt a full tortoiseshell design, while the other two showcase a tortoiseshell French tip on one side. The French aesthetic gets a modern twist with a crisp white border, creating a stylish separation from the pea-green hue.

Gold Touch Nails

Gold Touch Nails

Embrace the allure of metallic accents, and let gold take the spotlight. With a thin striping brush, delicately paint a blend of fine and slightly bolder gold lines on each nail. Watch as they gracefully contrast with the dominant color of your nail design.

Caramel Marshmallow Nails

Caramel Marshmallow Nails

Courtesy of Los Angeles nail artist Sascha Rios, this manicure sparks a delicious coffee flavor inspiration. The captivating vertical transition between rich caramel and creamy white gently fades toward the nail bases, skillfully achieved through expert airbrushing.

Subtle Tiger Pattern Nails

Subtle Tiger Pattern Nails

While animal prints are timeless, we get it if the classic orange and black tiger stripes seem a bit too expected. Nail artist Gabi De la Cruz brings a more subdued, mature, and fall-appropriate twist to the look in these elegant oval masterpieces. Initially considering a shiny finish, she succumbs to the allure of sophistication with a matte touch.

Croc Nails

Croc-Inspired Nails

No one wants a dull and boring nail polish when there is a way you can effortlessly switch with these adorable custom-sized stick-on nail gels? The L8r G8r set from ManiMe features a delightful crocodile print with dark-green ovals on both lighter green and golden backgrounds, allowing for playful mix-and-match options.


October is the perfect time to experiment with new nail ideas and colors. From spooky Halloween designs to warm fall hues, there are so many options to choose from. So go ahead and spice up your nails this October with some must-try nail ideas.


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