Selena Gomez hinted on the SmartLess podcast that her upcoming album might be her final musical endeavor. Expressing her passion for both acting and singing, she emphasized that, moving forward, one of these pursuits will take precedence. Gomez shared that while she believes she has one more album within her, if forced to choose, she would likely opt for acting.

Selena Gomez's unexpected journey into the music world began during her time on Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place. She initially intended to be an actress but found joy in music, especially during tours. However, her perspective shifted after feeling overworked during the 2016 Revival Tour, leading to mental health challenges and the cancellation of the final leg.

Selena Gomez

At the age of 10, Gomez made her TV debut on the beloved children's show, Barney & Friends. Since then, she's taken on the role of Alex in Wizards of Waverly Place, lent her voice to Mavis in Hotel Transylvania, and joined the Emmy-winning trio in Only Murders in the Building. Amidst these acting feats, she's managed to balance a bustling music career with two tours, studio albums, singles, and music videos, even dropping the catchy "Single Soon" last August.

However, the dual demands of acting and music took a toll on her well-being. Gomez candidly shared about a challenging period, revealing, “I went to a mental institute and canceled one of my tours. It just got to me because I love working, and it distracts me from the tough moments.”

Selena Gomez Single Soon Song

Interestingly, she credited her start as a singer to her role on Wizards of Waverly Place, highlighting Disney's influence in molding her multifaceted talent. According to Gomez, Disney was a "machine" that "forcefully required [her] to know how to sing so [she] could sing the theme song."

As she matured, Gomez expressed a desire to find stability, citing a need to focus on one aspect of her career. Despite her struggles, she has no regrets about her music career and still enjoys certain aspects of it.

Fortunately for fans, Gomez's "one more album" is on the horizon. In August, she teased her next era with the release of the breakup anthem "Single Soon." In an interview with SiriusXM, she shared insights into her upcoming album, emphasizing its positive and non-sad nature. Gomez aims to infuse even the most pop-oriented songs with depth and heart, showcasing her evolving artistic identity.