Tips to Ditch These Packing Mistakes While Traveling


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My bag always seems to get full when I'm only halfway done packing the heap of stuff I planned to take, and I have no idea how this continues to happen. I constantly find myself living out of a suitcase and rushing to decide what basics to pack ahead of time before taking off.

Over the last few years, I've been paying attention to all the unwanted stuff I seem to be toting around everywhere I go. Many regularly carried products can be purchased at nearly any store that's close to an international airport, saving the need to bring them. I have learned a thing or two about smart packing as a consequence of having made plenty of missteps along the way.

How to Avoid These Common Packing Mistakes

Avoid the following packing mistakes to have the best time while exploring the world:

Avoid Packing too Many Shoes

Please don't kill me for saying this, people, but footwear is a major space hog. I'd suggest you pick up a pair of high-quality waterproof hiking boots that are also sleek enough for a night on the town. Being a runner, you need something that would take up less room in the bag, so switch to running shoes. Put minimum shoe pairs on your back to avoid packing mistakes.

Go Easy with Clothes

You without a doubt should get dressed pretty. I'm not recommending you give up clothes completely, but you might want to start by making a big pile of them. Everyone typically seems to bring more apparel than they need. You can always purchase new clothes everywhere you go, so there's no need to panic if you forget anything important at home. 

Ditch the Last-minute Packing Rush

In addition to rising your level of anxiety, procrastinating until the very last minute to start packing raises the probability that you might miss something very important. Last-minute packing lessens your time for packing. Therefore, it's best to plan out the process of packing and, at the very least, line down your clothes the night prior.

Knowing the answer to whether you need to make any last-minute purchases could make the day of your flight a lot easier. The greatest way to avoid stress while traveling is to plan. 

Keep Things Simple

The most important thing to keep in mind when packing for a trip is that less is more. Some people feel flustered because they feel like they must pack everything, which leads to chaos. Keep your packing as neutral as you can, it will save you time and you will ditch the wrong steps of it. 

Don't Pack Too Many Toiletries

If you're going to be traveling light, or if you've already packed too much, you can skip the toiletries. Just bring a toothbrush and a travel size tube of toothpaste to keep your breath minty while you travel. Upon arrival, you might purchase the rest of your necessities and abandon them there.


Everyone loves going on a vacation, but few enjoy the process of packing in the days leading up to it. I used to dread the thought of having to pack for a trip and would become anxious about doing so. Packing mistakes for years can actually train you to the level where with age and experience comes the wisdom to know that planning is the key to avoiding failure. I can now get all my belongings ready for a vacation in just a few hours, and they all fit easily into a carry-on bag. 


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