How To Keep 3C Hair Hydrated and Moisturized?


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Curly hair is the type which needs serious attention to keep them healthy and moisturized. Curly hair type is easily dehydrated, dull, and lifeless if ignored for a long time. If you want healthy looking locks you need to look after those. Whether you prefer caring for your curls at home or try to take care of them just now, you first need to know your hair type to give them the treatment they require. If you understand your hair type first, it will give you a better understanding of the treatments, DIY’s, and beauty products out there. Well don’t worry if you are new to this journey or you haven’t even started yet, we are here to guide you through your hair care journey for 3C hair. Let me walk you through what 3C hair is, how to identify the type, ways to care for it, and some of the best products to add to your 3C hair care routine.

What Is 3C Hair?

Let me first tell you that the type 3 hair is where all the curly head walks in, from 3A to 3C we all see only one thing: CURLS. While 3A and 3B have curls, 3C is coily. Its unique curl pattern is what makes it stand out from the other ones, this hair type is all about tight coils and extreme volume that cannot be overlooked.

3c Hair Type

If you are still confused on how to actually identify whether you have 3C hair or not, just pull one of your curls and check how far it stretches then check if it has a spring factor of six or at least three inches, this will prove you have type 3C or at least type 3 hair. Another way to identify is to check if your curls are tight and have a S-shaped pattern then they are definitely type 3C. This hair type is a combination of curly and coily patterns and very easily gets frizzy and dehydrated.

How to Care for 3C Hair?

There was a time where caring for these hair types was really difficult, but now you will find a bunch of products to keep the health of your hair and additional ways to care for the hair type. The techniques for caring for 3C hair health are countless, and so do the products to maintain the moisture of the hair. But before finding and building the perfect hair care routine for your hair, you must understand the porosity level of your hair as it can leave a big influence on the health of your overall hair. Low porosity hair can take anything but hair butters and oil as they create a product build up in the scalp, while high porosity hair attracts moisture easily but fails to keep it for too long for which we recommend using a leave-in gels and heavy moisturizing lotions to keep up with the perfect balance.

Now, let me reveal some of the easiest and most important ways you can care for your 3C hair type to keep them looking fresh and healthy all day long.

Regular Washing


We have always heard there is a little gap between the hair washes, but for this hair type it's the opposite (which is very surprising). While following this method, you will need to keep a few things in mind, like you can’t go for co-washing for this hair type if your strands don't support the technique so I would suggest going for normal wash. Also if you are washing your hair regularly use products that are not infused with high chemicals and skip all the sulfates. 


Hair Mask

Moisture is all that a type 3C needs to keep up with the health of the scalp and hair. This hair type should only focus on grabbing all the moisture for the hair, whether through beauty products or even an easy DIY at home. Even if you are taking care of your hair regularly with or without hair care products, I would still suggest applying a hydrating mask at least once a week.



3C hair is always ready for any kind of moisture because they easily get dry and lifeless, so opt for a leave-in-conditioner or even a treatment to deeply moisturize and condition your hair. These type of treatments mostly contain hydrolyzed proteins that may buildup to break out some of your strands if used regularly, so only go for these treatments once a month and for the other times opt for regular conditioner if you are sensitive to these ingredients.

Less Heat Styling

Less Heat Styling

As this hair type easily gets dry, dehydrated, lifeless, and full of frizz so please keep yourself from heat styling often. By minimizing heat styling and opting for air drying you can help your locks become softer and healthier. Even if you are going for heat styling, don’t overlook the importance of heat protectant before blow-drying, straightening, or even curling.

Overnight Care

Silk Pillowcase

We all have heard about this at least once, to keep our hair protected overnight when we sleep, which is the most effortless way to make an effort for your hair health. You must have heard people suggesting satin pillows over cotton pillows to reduce the risk of frizziness of your hair, that’s right actually. Satin pillows do help in minimizing frizz and making the hair texture better. Additionally you can secure your hair in a large loose twist in a silk bonnet for an extra layer of protection.


Curly hair is fragile and frizzy so you need to understand what triggers your hair, and how to stay away from those. With these tips and products you can make your hair appear healthier and shiny because these are bare minimum efforts but resulting in massive benefits.

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