Dua Lipa Stuns Fans with Her New Red Hair


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Dua Lipa, the ever-evolving style icon, has maintained a consistent look with her signature dark black hair for the past few years. Whether gracing the Met Gala, featuring in ad campaigns, or dazzling audiences on her sold-out tours, her unmistakable dark locks, typically styled in a middle part with gentle waves and a radiant sheen, have become her trademark. The only deviations from this aesthetic were occasional experiments with bangs or the vibrant wigs she donned for the Barbie movie—until now.

Dua Lipa Red Hair Transformation

Teasing a new musical era, Dua embarked on a week-long suspense-building journey on social media. She deleted all her posts, transformed profile pictures into kaleidoscopic views of herself, and gave her album covers a similar kaleidoscopic makeover. The anticipation reached its peak on October 12 when she shared a captivating video on her Instagram Story. The clip featured her eye at the center of a kaleidoscope before revealing a major transformation—a departure from her familiar hairstyle.

Later that day, Dua unveiled her striking cherry cola red hair in a photo captioned, "miss me?" The length remained similar to her previous black hair, cascading to about chest level, with the same voluminous, loosely waved texture and trademark shine. The notable change, however, was the deep red hue, reminiscent of trends seen on celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion, Shay Mitchell, and Dove Cameron throughout the year.

Dua Lipa Red Hair

This bold shift marks the commencement of Dua Lipa's new era, aligning seamlessly with the kaleidoscope theme and rumors of a psychedelic rock-influenced sound for her upcoming album. The cherry cola shade not only infuses a distinct vibe into her appearance but also aligns with the resurgence of '90s grunge—a nod to the era when this particular hair color gained popularity.

The timing of Dua's switch to cherry cola-colored hair aligns with the ongoing trend. Ian Michael Black, Global Artistic Director for Hair Color at Aveda, noted the revival of '90s color trends for hair, especially the resurgence of red shades—from bright reds to burgundies and various copper tones. As the '90s influence continues to dominate fashion, Dua Lipa's daring hair transformation places her at the forefront of this trend.

For those inspired by Dua's new look, a visit to the hairstylist can easily channel the cherry cola aesthetic. Regardless of the hair color, one thing is certain—fans will be eagerly streaming her new album the moment it's released, eagerly embracing the evolution of both her music and style.

Final Thoughts

Dua Lipa has once again left her fans stunned with her new red hair, which she debuted on social media. The bold look has received widespread praise, cementing her status as a style icon.

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