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Get ready because it's time to discuss Gorpcore. Gorpcore is a style that you should be familiar with, whether you've heard the term a million times from your hiking-loving friends or not. What exactly is gorpcore? And is the word "gorp" even real? what type of trend is it? is it like other fashion trends or totally unique one?

According to stylist and creative director Todd Johnson, "Gorpcore is basically the wearing of traditionally functional and utilitarian outdoor clothing outside of their intended use." Consider fleeces, cargo pants, trekking boots, and the list goes on. Gorpcore is all about wearing these items in a fashionable, more casual way, even though they are normally designed for specific technical uses. According to Brooklyn-based stylist Megan Wilson, "Gorpcore is the more laid-back, colorful, and less severe relative of techwear while also being the more practical and outdoorsy version of normcore."

What Does "Gorp" Mean, And Where Does It Come From?

Gorp is an abbreviation. It's a shortened form of the expression "old fashioned raisins and peanuts", ordinarily utilized by explorers to portray an assortment of trail blends. The Los Angeles Times composed of the term as far as possible back in 1997, "[Gorp has] developed to mean a combination of a wide range of dried products of the soil, frequently with a touch of chocolate or other nibble food sources tossed in" especially around and around of outside action darlings and Young lady Scouts.

The expression "gorpcore" was first utilized in an article by Jason Chen for The Cut back in 2017, authored to portray the Patagonia-wearing, wool adoring, "resistant terrible" outside apparel that was gradually beginning to drift that year.

What Makes Gorpcore So Popular?

Gorpcore Trend

What, therefore, is it about gorpcore that so many people find so appealing? As for why it's so popular, Johnson says, "I think functionality combined with the desire to look cool and effortless is what makes it popular.

"There is an air of impossibility that, in my opinion, attracts a large portion of the fashion audience," he says, because many of these gorpcore basic pieces can be associated with activities that in society are considered "rich people hobbies," such as skiing and leisure hiking.

On the other hand, Wilson claims that this movement is also appealing to a larger popular audience because of its accessibility. Unlike certain trends, Wilson says that gorpcore is a form of investment dressing without requiring a big down cost. Even if you later become less gorpcore-focused, you'll always maintain a fleece for chilly evenings because so many products are essentially ageless and frequently useful.

What Kind Of Clothing Fit The Gorpcore Aesthetic?

The gorp-core trend embodies a fashion movement that draws inspiration from outdoor equipment's utility and robust allure, seamlessly fusing it with urban attitudes. This style revolves around garments and embellishments that bridge the divide between exploration and day-to-day existence. Essential items encompass functional jackets and vests adorned with ample compartments, reflecting a utilitarian philosophy while retaining a fashionable edge.

Cargo trousers, adaptable shorts, and plaid shirts emanate a sense of daring, while technical outerwear like windbreakers and performance parkas defend against the elements. Fleece jackets and vests provide coziness and comfort, echoing the snug charm of outdoor excursions. Footwear like sturdy hiking boots and robust sandals cater to practicality without compromising style.

Gorpcore Trend

In the meantime, accessories like advanced backpacks, gloves, and outdoor timepieces underscore functionality and epitomize the gorp-core essence of preparedness for any circumstance.

As a trend, gorp-core skillfully amalgamates the rough-hewn aesthetics of exploration with the contemporary urban wardrobe, enabling individuals to embrace the outdoorsy ethos while navigating the requisites of modern existence.

Most Popular Gorpcro Brands

The fact that gorpcore brands are, for the most part, just hiking and outdoors brands makes it simple to shop for items that adhere to this trend, which is one of the reasons why this style is so widely adopted. In light of this, some of the most well-known gorpcore brands are as follows: Arc'teryx, Patagonia, REI, Outdoor Voices, The North Face, Urban Outfitters, Columbia, and Free People

Visit retailers that specialize in the sale of hiking shoes, such as Salomon, HOKA, Adidas, Teva, and Nike, in order to find footwear that is influenced by the gorpcore subculture.


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