Top 10 Best Hailey Bieber Nail Designs of All Time


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Hailey Bieber's name has come into being after 2014, when she became a top model. So, there's a good chance we'll want to follow her lead in whatever trend she chooses, whether it's finger tattoos, box bobs, street style or an ever-changing roster of manicures that make our eyes water.

The viral glazed donut nail art that Hailey Bieber wore to the 2022 Met Gala may have been the inspiration behind our fascination with her trademark almond tips. We have narrowed a list of Hailey Bieber nails by following the hashtag #glazeddonutnailsthat was started by Zola Ganzorigt, her favorite manicurist.

Best Hailey Bieber Nail Designs

Let’s have a look at the best Hailey Bieber nails designs that any one can copy at any time.

Daisy Nail Design

Hailey Bieber Nail Designs

Details are everything when it comes to this floral nail art. These delicate florals, arranged atop a neutral base coat, are striking in style while remaining delicate enough to pair with any ensemble. The elegant yet simple manicure was created by celebrity nail artist Kimmy Keys, who recommends using bobby pins to create a daisy design.

Barbie Nails

Hailey Bieber Nail Designs

When the Barbie movie hit theaters, getting a pink manicure was a must-have.A different variation of the glazed donut manicure takes advantage of the trend: Barbie pink. A vibrant bubblegum color will let you channel your inner Barbie to make it truly pop. Almost every girl like pink color but barbie pink for nails gives you different kind of vibes. 

Psychedelic vibes

Hailey Bieber Nail Designs

Bieber surprised everyone earlier this year by going for these colorful psychedelic manicures instead of his usual minimal style. This pattern, which takes inspiration from the 1970s, is an eye-catching kaleidoscope of colors and prints that are sure to make you smile. If you are looking to revive old 70’s look then this is a must-have nail manicure. 

Baby Blue

Hailey Bieber Nail Designs

Bieber's nails match her husband's hat in this adorable photo, but that doesn't matter. What matters is how cute the pastel baby blue manicure is.This shade of blue has been perfectly carried out by the model. 

Yellow highlighter

Hailey Bieber Nail Designs

Everything about this style screams Y2K chic, from the blue eyeliner to the braided tendrils, but Bieber's stunning manicure is especially recognizable. A vivid yellow highlighter is such a stunning option that it doesn't even need a layout.

Hailey Bieber nails in neon colors

Hailey Bieber Nail Designs

While Bieber usually goes for a more muted, neutral manicure style, he switched things up with this bright chrome look. Her favorite manicurist, Zola Gunzurigt, created these eye-catching nails, which are bright yellow and reflective. Bieber seems to agree that the manicure is the perfect combination of bright and warm colors. The description of the nail art video she shared on TikTok reads, "Neon with chrome all summer baby."

Deep red nail design

Hailey Bieber Nail Designs

Bieber announced in June 2022 when Tiffany & Co. When she posed for an ad, she deviated from her usual nails. Rather, Ganzorigt gave the woman a deep red manicure, filing her nails into a more angular version of her beautiful almond shape.

Peaches on nails

Hailey Bieber Nail Designs

Bieber went to Modern Pamper Salon for this fruity style. A peach-themed manicure would have been more appropriate for Mrs. Bieber, who inspired a line in her husband's hit song "Peaches." Nevertheless, the basic color of nudes and the understated orange made for the perfect summer man.

Colored French

Hailey Bieber Nail Designs

One of Bieber's most stylish nail art creations is this vibrant French manicure, which almost looks like it belongs in a museum. Its simple but yet unique and extremely easy to copy on your birthday or any big day. 

No makeup Brown

Hailey Bieber Nail Designs

While Bieber makes a strong case for this neutral nail style, a subdued brown manicure might not be the most fashionable option. The subtle hue accentuates the luxurious shine of the manicure. It's basically no-makeup makeup on the nails.

Wrap Up

A conversation on nail art trends these days would be incomplete without a mention of Hailey Bieber. The creator of Road Beauty, who never ceases to inspire our manicures, is the undisputed nail art queen for 2023 (and beyond!).

Bieber's influence is undeniable, having contributed to everything from the creation of Glazed Donut Frenzy to the ultimate psychedelic mani.


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