The Hottest Fashion Color Trends to Look Out for in 2023


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Having confined myself to a neutral palette for the past few years, I've decided to break free from the monotony in 2023. I shared this style revelation with my colleagues, who are accustomed to my love for all things beige and brown. They eagerly asked about the colors I plan to embrace, leaving me without a clear answer. While I'm well-versed in the colors currently "in" thanks to my Instagram-scrolling job, predicting the dominant fashion color trends for 2023 is a different challenge—one that I wasn't willing to leave to chance.

To ensure I wasn't just guessing, I took matters into my own hands and analyzed over 200 runways. Unlike other trends that require meticulous scrutiny, spotting color trends is more straightforward, especially the bold ones that practically leap off the page.

Hottest Fashion Color Trends To Try Now

After surveying thousands of runway snapshots, I can confidently identify the five shades that dominated the new collections. If you want a quick way to infuse freshness into your outfits for 2023, start incorporating these tones pronto.


I know what you're thinking—black isn't exactly a trend. However, its prevalence in layered and top-to-toe All- black outfits across a wide range of runways makes it noteworthy, especially considering we're talking about spring/summer.


Black Sweater


Black Boots



While it may not be Pantone's Color of the Year for 2023 (Viva Magenta), the shades of violet and lilac that graced a surprising number of runways this season are undeniably chic.


Violet Oversized Sweater


Violet Heels


Lime Green

Since September's Fashion Month shows, there has been an average of 39,000 page views each month. If that's not a sign of lime green's popularity, a shade that appeared prominently in all major collections, then I don't know what is.


Lime Green Cut out Dress


Lime Green Heels


Hot Red

If lime green isn't your style, there's another bold color trend for 2023 to consider—hot red and saffron. This vivid red hue was hard to ignore in the latest collections, often worn top-to-toe in suits, dresses, and hosiery.


Hot Red Maxi Dress


Hot Red Handbag


Crisp White

Similar to the argument about black, some may contest that white is not a "trend"; it's timeless. However, its enduring appeal lies in its versatility. Designers refreshed white by experimenting with various fabrications, from silk to vinyl, and that's precisely how we should be wearing it this year.


White Jumpsuit


White Bag



Last year we tried to stay on the neutral color palette and bolds like bottle green, yellows, orange, and pinks (of course, how can we forget barbiecore). So, for this year's theme 2023 brings a lot of different color families yet they are already our favorites and timeless to wear all year long without thinking about whether they even look good. Try these fashion color trends and don’t hesitate to play around and mix and match these to bring out something of your own.


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