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How to measure summer hats is a very common question during the season. People look for the perfect hat to wear and rock at beach parties or other occasions. Whether it's a fedora, a beret, or something basic with a big crown that helps protect your face from the rays of the sun, a hat can be a terrific way for you to have a little fun with your outfit and hide the fact that you're having a poor hair day. 

However, it can be challenging to pick out the best hat in a suitable size for the shape of your head. After all, you need to pick a cap that not only fits your head but also feels comfy. However, going big enough can have negative consequences. On a day when it's windy, it might blow off, or worse, you may lose it.  

Ways for Perfectly Measuring Your Head


Get a Measuring Tape

Using a soft tape measure, such as those used in tailoring shops, is the best way for figuring out the correct hat size. If you don't have a roll of flexible tape on hand, you can use a thread or shoelace and lay it flat next to a ruler to get a rough idea of the size.


Put the tape measure almost an eighth of an inch above one ear, then wind it slowly across the center of your forehead, up and over the top of your other ear, and back down again so you can get exact hat size measurements. The tape shouldn't be too snug or too loose; rather, it should come close to where a hat would rest on your head when worn. 

Press your thumbs into the seam where the tape measures terminate, then write down the resulting measurement. If you really care about precision, take the measurement to the next millimeter or eighth of an inch. Due to the fineness of hat sizing, a second set of eyes can be helpful. 

Figure Out Your Size

The final step to figuring out your correct hat size is to compare the outcomes to a standard size chart. When no brand-specific measurements are given, you can use a general hat sizing guide, as many brands do provide one. 

Go For a Rough Fit

If you really have to order without knowing your size, the easiest way to kind of guess is to try on an ordinary hat and see how much more room you would need, fingers-wise. This can be the best way to estimate the correct fit. On average, each finger is around 2 centimeters long. The majority of people have one finger's width of difference between every size, which is equal to two centimeters.


Obtaining the perfect accessory is only half the battle, and obtaining the right fit for this undervalued accessory is just as important. When making purchases online, where hat sizes may differ somewhat from one brand to the next, this is particularly important. Using a sizing chart to get a good idea of your hat size is the best option. Read on to find out how to measure your hat size for a snug fit, whether you're in the market for a new sun hat for a trip to the tropics or an ordinary pageboy cap to wear around downtown this winter.

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