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Inde Wild, a relatively new brand developed by influencer Diipa Büller-Khosla, who hails from India, introduces a product rooted in the rich tradition of hair care rituals prevalent in the country. Although the brand initially focused on skincare, my curiosity led me to try the Inde Wild Champi Hair Oil first. Here's what you should know about this product.

Our Honest Review For Inde Wild Champi Hair Oil

If you really want to know the goodness of this meticulously crafted Hair Oil, here it ahead. It’s a powerhouse blend of 11 clinically-proven Ayurvedic active ingredients. With a generous dose of Castor Oil (12%), Hibiscus (1.6%), Brahmi (1.6%), and a quintet of potent carrier oils—sesame, coconut, almond, Indian Argan, and Vitamin E—this elixir is a 100% natural origin formulation.

Inde Wild Champi Hair Oil
Inde Wild Champi Hair Oil $29

This versatile oil serves as both a pre-shampoo treatment and an overnight therapy. Simply massage 2-3 pipettes of the oil into the scalp and distribute it through the lengths of the hair. Alternatively, for a quick application, one or two drops on clean, damp hair suffice, applied to the lengths and ends before drying.

The scent of the Inde Wild Champi Hair Oil is truly remarkable. If it were a fragrance, I would undoubtedly wear it. With a delightful blend of Jasmine, Champa, and Lavender fragrance oils, it exudes warmth, comfort, and a touch of sensuality.

I incorporated the oil into my routine as a pre-shampoo scalp treatment, generously massaging it into the scalp and leaving it on for 20 minutes before washing. This ritual, perfect for leisurely moments, leaves my occasionally dry scalp soothed and hydrated, while my hair emerges soft and silky.

Healthy Hair Growth

In busier times, I opted for a post-wash application on damp hair. Working a few drops into the lengths and ends, then brushing through before drying, resulted in a delightful fragrance and a beautiful shine. Notably, even for fine hair, a minimal amount is sufficient.

The unique blend of oils in the Inde Wild Champi Hair Oil, rooted in a family recipe refined over 40 years, resonates with authenticity. I appreciate the diversity in the blend, particularly noting Rosemary as one of the key ingredients. Unlike the unsubstantiated claims often found on social media, the brand's commitment to a tried-and-tested formula adds a genuine touch to the product.

Wrap Up

Your hair deserves to be pampered, and this oil is designed to do just that by leaving your strands hydrated and healthy. Promoting overall hair and scalp well-being, it strengthens each strand from root to end, fostering improved growth and reducing hair loss.

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