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We do get convinced by the words of a person who designs a product and defines its uniqueness, usefulness, and good quality. It's very convenient to buy a product only based on its popularity. However, when you get to use the product, your experience with it defines the product better. I was thrilled by this news and couldn't wait to try it.

Mario claims that he has come up with a foundation that enhances the natural beauty of an individual rather than giving a cakey look. That is the reason why I couldn't wait to test it and give my review as I am not a fan of artificial makeup looks. At the same time, I cannot ignore the fact that it is human nature to have a natural bias towards their invention.

Makeup by Mario Foundation Review

Dedivanovic Mario is known for creating foundations for celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Normani, and Salma Hayek. They are grateful to Mario as the foundation of each one of them gives a natural and flawless look. For this reason, my hopes are also high along with others.

Surrealskin Foundation 

Mario put all his efforts into coming up with a formula that can set people free of the anxiety they face while looking for the perfect shade. Besides this, he gave priority to long-lasting wear and its ability to blend with other makeup products.

Key Ingredients of SurrealSkin Foundation

An oily ester known as polyglycerly-6 polyrincinoleate gives the foundation its texture. Grapeseed and sunflower oil help in keeping the skin smooth after the foundation is being applied.

How I Tested Mario’s Surrealskin Foundation 

I followed the method suggested by Mario himself. First of all, I moisturized my skin properly to create a smooth canvas for the application of this foundation. I have learned the importance of skin prep and I also want you to never miss out on this step.

I prefer applying the foundation with my fingers as I am not a big fan of beauty blenders and foundation brushes. I believe, blending foundation with fingers gives a more natural look. Mario himself supports the application of foundation with fingers for a subtle and natural look. But, I had to try Surreal Foundation F4 Brush to check out the results.

Surrealskin Foundation 

Since, I don’t like extra coverage, so two pumps were more than enough for me. But I don’t readily apply them, it’s better to work with less quantity initially. I try to cover the areas with scars and dark spots. And if still there is a need, I pump out a little bit more to cover my entire face without giving an overwhelming look. Interestingly, I found out that only a small amount will also work. I blended the entire product with the softer and fluffier side of the brush. I started blending it from the middle and then smoothly and gently blended it in an outward direction.

Here I confidently claim “When I applied bronzer on the outer edges of my face, it didn’t give me a frosty finish but rather provided me with a natural finish which I prefer”
I cannot help but strongly prefer this foundation while you are heading towards any event. For me, it worked amazingly as I did not have to work as hard as I usually do to conceal my scars. This is the reason I end up obtaining an uncomfortable greasy feel. Surreal Foundation has proved to be a great alternative for me because it enhanced my natural appearance and I felt confident even without masking my freckles. If you ask me “Is it an appropriate choice for all-day wear?” It is a huge “YES” from me!


In case you want to know where you can find this foundation, it is available on the website of the brand. You may also find it in Sephora. I would strongly recommend that you visit Sephora near you to buy the foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone. I loved it because it provided me with a natural finish which I prefer even if I am heading to wedding occasions. It works with every kind of look you create, be it a casual look or a formal look.


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