Best Sleep Masks You Need For A Restful Sleep


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Using an eye mask can help you get a good night's sleep. The largest sleep masks block light from entering your eyes, stay on your face, and are comfortable because they don't press against them.

But picking the best one can be difficult—there are tons of options available in a wide range of prices, from a few dollars to nearly $100, and they're made of different materials.

Best Sleep Masks For A Restful Sleep

Here are some top-class sleeping masks available in the market with great qualities and less prices. 

Mavogel Cotton Sleep Mask

Sleep Masks

The Mavogel is one of the softest someone ever felt on the eyes, and it's made entirely of cotton. Mavogel seems almost unrecognizable because it is so delicate, light, and airy. This mask put the least amount of pressure on our eyelids, although some of the consumers found that all masks pressed on their eyelids just enough to make the blinking obvious.

The Mavogel is a great option for all sleeping positions, including side, stomach and back, thanks to its slim, non-elevated profile.

Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Mask

Sleep Masks

Lunya's Cushion Washable Silk Sleep Masksare highly breathable and made from soft, cooling mulberry silk, so you won't find yourself overheating at night. Additionally, the thicker, softer band reduces, if not completely eliminates, the possibility of hair growing in the band and helps prevent some noise. After a few cycles of sound sleep, throw the mask in the washing machine before you reunite with it.

Mzoo Sleep Mask

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The Mzoo Sleep Eye Mask performed admirably in our lab and did a great job blocking out light during a nighttime sleep test at home. It is also reasonably priced. Mzoo's contoured mask forms a cup over the wearer's eyes to prevent pressure on the eyelids and eyes.

With an adjustable band that's slightly flexible for a personalized fit, this eye mask also fits. Although Mzoo recommends hand washing, their masks are machine washable.

Mulberry Silk EyeMask

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Because mulberry silk is naturally soft and breathable, it is a favorite material for sleep masks. However, this can significantly increase the price point and is also extremely expensive to source. The exception is the Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Eye Mask. Although the sticker of the mask is quite affordable, it is made of fine silk with a charmeuse which adds to the smooth feel of the material.

Customers have a selection of colors to choose from, including a few limited-edition versions with stunning designs. The mask's elastic strap allows it to adjust to any size. Because of the silky texture of silk, the mask won't irritate your skin, cause wrinkles around your eyes, or damage your hair.

Tempur Sleep Mask

Sleep Masks

The mask is filled with TEMPUR material, just like the company's leading mattresses. The way this foam fits the body is famous.The mask is designed to gently fit your face, providing total darkness and restful sleep.

Many people have left positive reviews on different sites for TEMPUR-Sleep Mask, claiming that it stops headaches practically immediately. That being said, the mask weighs more than other layered silk masks. As such, some users complain that it feels heavy and hot, especially in summer.

Nidra Contoured Sleeping Mask

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If you are looking for something traditional, airy, comfortable and molded, Nidra is the perfect sleep mask. Its design makes it ideal to toss in any travel bag and use on the road, and it's reasonably priced without sacrificing quality you can trust. Firmly sculpted cups promise to block out all light and visual stimuli that can keep you from falling asleep, yet are contoured to the eye to prevent straining your eyelids or eyes.

Baloo Sleeping Masks

Sleep Masks

A modern sleep mask called the Baloo Sleep Stone Mask has a hidden pocket into which a sleep stone can be inserted and placed on the forehead. One slapstone crystal is included per mask pocket. Currently, purple fluorite, blue lace agate, rose quartz, and sapphire are options. Up to three stones can be added to an order for an additional fee.
Slapstone makes a smooth satin mask with a small amount of spandex for flexibility and adjustability. The ears and top of the head are covered in a wrap-around mask style. The mask's smooth texture and soft, comfortable feel make it incredibly comfortable.


The biggest sleep masks can significantly improve your sleep environment, whether you're trying to block out nighttime distractions, want to sleep (and stay) in total darkness, or find your next dream. Want to sleep on a red-eye trip? Think of them as black curtains for your eyes. They help filter light to promote better sleep, faster transitions to sleep, and longer REM time.

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