Khaki Green Nails Are The New Trend, Thanks to Margot Robbie


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Margot Robbie, despite her extensive career pre-Barbie, has become synonymous with all things pink, especially in the realm of manicures. This year, her nail game has been dominated by various Barbiecore looks, ranging from pink French tips to subtle muted shades and classic glittery nails. However, like the rest of the world, she has bid farewell to the summer of Barbie and embraced a new palette.

While she has flaunted many pink manicures back then let me show you some of the obvious pinks that she owns and how she did a mix and match with them too and slayed with different looks and different events.

Margot Robbie Barbiecore French Manicure

This one was a perfect barbiecore twist to the french manicures and we love how she slayed this one effortlessly. This is the most subtle yet bold pink manicure ever.

Margot Robbie Barbiecore Disco Manicure

Beside the subtle french tips, here is a bold and playful take on the barbiecore manicure that Margot literally slayed and this was also done by Tom Bachik.

Margot Robbie Khaki Green Manicure

In her recent red carpet appearance for the film Saltburn on November 14, Robbie hinted at a shift in her aesthetic. Stepping away from the rosy hues, she graced the event in a stunning gown paired with unconventional khaki green nails, offering a glimpse into her evolving style.

Her Schiaparelli dress stole the spotlight with its exquisite design, but it was her distinct nail color that captivated attention. Executed by celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik, Robbie's short, natural-shaped nails sported a glossy, enigmatic shade—not quite light khaki, not fully green, residing somewhere in the middle, reminiscent of a lighter camouflage or even a bay leaf.

Margot Robbie Khaki Green Manicure

This unique nail color harmonized flawlessly with the hues of her designer dress. The skirt, in particular, mirrored the shade, crafted from a brownish-green suede material that subtly differed from her nails. Complementing the skirt was a black corset top with sheer paneling, creating a striking contrast. Robbie completed the ensemble with a gold multi-layer choker and statement rings.

For those intrigued by Robbie's distinctive manicure, Bachik spilled the secrets. He prepped her nails using his Tweezerman x Tom Bachik Ultimate Nail Care Set, ensuring a clean canvas. While the specific base coat went unmentioned, it's advisable to apply one before diving into color.

Bachik crafted the unique shade on-site by blending two Chanel Le Vernis polishes—Beige Cendre and Brun Fume. This custom mix resulted in the herbal hue adorning Robbie's nails. If mixing polishes seems daunting, Londontown offers a comparable shade called Sedona as a viable alternative.

Once the color dries, seal the look with a favorite top coat, allowing it to set before applying a generous touch of nail oil for added health. With these steps, you too can flaunt the exceptionally stunning green that turned heads on the red carpet.


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