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I have always spotted women facing see-through issues from various fabrics, size issues, and many others that are everyday things, but no more! The solution is having more than one bra styles! Every bra style is as useful as the other one, so get your hands on a range of stylish bra styles from Soma that will make your getting-ready and outfit-ready sessions even more smooth. A T-shirt bra that suits and goes with every kind of outfit to the bralettes that you wanna show off a little, there is everything you need at Soma. 

5 Must-Have Bra Styles From Soma

Whether you are looking for a supportive bra that helps you with having comfortable yoga and workout sessions to a bralette that's a perfect choice for clubbing or night outs, or a t-shirt bra that’s your everyday buddy, check these gorgeous bra styles from Soma to upgrade your lingerie collection.

T-Shirt Bra

Soma T-Shirt Bra

Most of us probably own a T-shirt bra—it's likely the first type of bra we ever had, especially during our teenage years. These bras are essential for achieving a seamless look under snug fits or thin fabrics. Similar to padded bras, T-shirt bras come in a variety of colors and offer incredible comfort. Whether lightly padded, underwired, or molded, they suit everyone and are perfect for everyday wear. A lingerie drawer is incomplete without them! Opt for cotton T-shirt bras in cute prints or with lace detailing to complement your everyday fashion.

Push-Up Bra

Soma Push-Up Bra

If you're a fan of a little lift, a push-up bra is a great choice. Comfort is key when shopping for one, and a bit of padding can make a big difference. I particularly love Soma's push-up bras for their seamless, full-coverage design. A push up bra is also a great option if you like being sporty and active every now and then, like if you like having run sessions in the morning or even evenings with your friends or you like to play badminton and you want a supportive bra that provides you perfect movement and support while having the best time.

Strapless Bra

Soma Strapless Bra

While peek-a-boo bras can be fun, there are days when you want things hidden, like when wearing a strapless dress to a wedding. That's where a strapless bra comes in handy. For those with larger busts, look for options with extra underwire support, such as Soma's strapless bra. Some even come with straps for dual functionality! Strapless bras are second regular bra for most of the women because of their strapless feature, they are suitable to wear under anything without having a messy strap falling out of your cute tops and tees, and great for special occasions to wear under all your gorgeous off-shoulder maxi dresses, jumpsuits to show off your neckline and beauty a little more.


Soma Bralette

If underwire isn't your preference, or if you're looking for a bra that can double as a top, consider investing in a bralette. I prefer silk options for their lightweight and luxurious feel, but bralettes also come in cotton and sheer materials. With numerous beautiful patterns and styles available, you can have fun with your look and show a hint of bra.

Sports Bra

Soma Sports Bra

While we often associate sports bras with workouts, they can serve as everyday options too. Comfort is increasingly important in styling everyday looks, and many brands, like Soma, offer fun silhouettes. I enjoy mixing and matching prints to add a playful touch to my sports bra collection! Besides the stylish and fun patterns that are great to flaunt in your game sessions, it has a great support and movement space which makes it even more appealing and a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. Also, the timelessness and versatility of sports bras are endless, as you can wear these under your t-shirts, pajamas to special occasions as well if all you want is comfort.


Just like any other wardrobe staple, if you invest in quality bra styles from Soma they will surely last forever and make you achieve a lot of great outfits without having worry of bad bra energy under your favorite fits. Also, having more than one bra is actually a must-have if you don’t want to panic every time you get ready and figure out which outfit will go well with your only bra. Soma really has such nice bra styles, from everyday t-shirt bras to special occasion bralettes and more so stop waiting and grab these gorgeous styles.


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