TikTok's Favorite Nail Color Gets Olivia Rodrigo's Approval


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Olivia Rodrigo, reigning supreme in Gen Z's soft grunge realm, never fails to mesmerize us with her ever-evolving fashion sense. Whether it's the red carpet or album covers, her style reverberates with grunge essentials—leopard prints, Doc Martens, and an all-encompassing love affair with black. Even her signature scent has become a sensation on TikTok, joining her music videos in showcasing edgy manicures.

Olivia Rodrigo's TikTok's Favorite Manicure

In her recent Instagram post on October 14, the Grammy winner flaunted her collection of Doc Martens, opting for the low-cut version this time. Alongside these chic footwear choices, she ventured into a new realm of nail art, aligning with TikTok's fall favorite, Olivia Rodrigo mocha nails.

Olivia Rodrigo Cherry Mocha Nails

While the nail design may not break new ground, it undeniably excites. Short and naturally shaped, each finger showcased a deep, glossy red shade. Accentuating the edgy color were silver rings gracing her fingers and vibrant red socks peeking out from her Docs. To a casual observer, it might seem like a standard deep red polish, but beauty enthusiasts on #beautytock recognize it as the app's current darling manicure. Despite the timeless appeal of such shades, the present resurgence can be traced back to TikTok's infatuation with DND's Cherry Mocha ($10) nail polish. This resurgence aligns with broader trends—thanks, in part, to Rodrigo herself—who has played a pivotal role in the grunge revival. The '90s are making a comeback, bringing biker boots, the iconic Posh bob, and, of course, vampy red nails reminiscent of Chanel's legendary Vamp polish.

Olivia Rodrigo Cherry Mocha Manicure

If you're eager to channel Rodrigo's spot-on style and stay on-trend for fall and the grunge revival, we've got you covered with a step-by-step guide. Start by removing any lingering polish, pamper your cuticles with oil, and shape your nails flawlessly. A base coat sets the stage for the star of the show—the cherry mocha shade. While DND's Cherry Mocha ($10) is the go-to for the TikTok look, alternatives like Chanel's Rouge Noir ($32), OPI's Black Cherry Chutney ($12), or Essie's Wicked ($10) will achieve a similar effect. Seal the deal with your preferred top coat and a touch of nail oil, and you'll be perfectly in sync with the pop star herself.


DND's Cherry Mocha Nail Polish
Cherry Mocha Nail Polish ($10)

Final Thoughts

Olivia Rodrigo's endorsement of a particular nail color has caused it to become a fan-favorite on TikTok. The trend has shown how social media influencers can have a significant impact on consumer behavior and preferences.


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