Winter Nail Trends That Will Make You Stand Out in the Crowd


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Are you feeling the sudden breeze of extreme cold air or is it just me who is freezing like a baby (kidding). Well, we are all feeling those real winter vibes starting to knock on our doors so just as we were leaving our home in jeans and tee, now we cannot step outside without our sweater, coat or jacket at night. As it starts to feel cold we all fashionistas must be excited to take out our favorite winter outfits, our favorite scented candles, and of course we are going to be making those hot chocolates, cookies, and anything that smells and feels like a warm hug in the winter season. So, why not do our nails in a winter way? 

Why not? I have been searching the internet for THAT perfect winter nail trends that are so on-trend and look great on everyone and most importantly not too time-consuming. While finding the perfect nail designs for winters, I found a bunch of winter nail trends for 2023 that’s going to be so so big throughout the winter season as they are timeless, unique, and truly a treat to the eyes. Ahead, let me help you decide your next winter manicure with these stunning winter nail trends for the year!

The Hottest Winter Nail Trends To Try Now

Ahead, you will find the hottest and most loved winter nail trends that are going to be so big all winter long, and the best thing about these is that most of them are the ones we already love a lot!

Hot Red Manicure

Hot Red Winter Manicure

We all know that red is never going anywhere, no matter what the weather and trends are! We will always spot a shade of red everywhere in the manicure world. This looks so classic, as we have already seen a lot of red in so many other things because red is the hottest most trending color right now and beyond.

Dark Academia Manicure

Dark Academia Winter Manicure

Oh is this gray or ivy color? Can’t decide right? Well, just like we loved having dark academia home decor and dark academia fashion staples, we love dark academia nails too. And we are totally loving this trend all over the world right now so go ahead and get on the dark side of the trend with these!

Glossy Black Manicure

Glossy Black Winter Manicure

No, we aren't over with the solids yet, and yes I was also surprised by spotting so many timeless solids for the winter nail trends but guess what, we are happy getting these solid colored manicures anytime soon. Black is as timeless as it can be and we just love the glossy detail that is so on-trend right now instead of the matte-fever.

Delicious Chocolate Manicure

Delicious Chocolate Winter Manicure

Chocolates have all the warmth we need in winters, and as sweet as they are, they truly deserve a place in our winter manicures for sure. While we have seen a lot of chocolate manicures after Hailey Bieber chocolate glazed donut nails, and we have seen hot chocolate nails, dark chocolate nails and finally we love this delicious nail art that screams chocolate!

Y2K Metallic Manicure

Y2K Metallic Winter Manicure

Early 2000s continue to leave their mark, especially in the realm of must-have manicures. Y2K-inspired silvers are still a go-to, adding a modern and stylish flair to your look. Silver metallic and chrome nails are riding high on the trend wave, and even Beyoncé embraced the nostalgic polish during her Renaissance Tour.

Soft Latte Manicure

Soft Latte Winter Manicure

If you've noticed the latte makeup trend making waves on social media—picture smoky, toasted browns and warm-toned shadows—now you can bring that same cozy vibe to your manicure. These winter-perfect nails are a breeze to replicate, ideal for those days when you crave a subtle, almost ethereal manicure that still keeps things interesting.


Winter nail trends are all about creativity and boldness. From glossy accents to metallic finishes, there's something for everyone. Try these trends to make a statement and stand out in any crowd.


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