Iconic 90s Nail Designs That Will Take You Back in Time


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So many people are obsessed over minimal and solid nails but we cannot overlook the 90s nail designs as they are highly versatile and can be done with a modern touch as well. No worries if you want to opt for a 90s vibe, you can do it in a Y2K way, or any modern trend you like. In manicures, there is no limit because you can create your own unique design with a pinch of change to the trend you are going for. Well, in a world of glazed donut nails, chrome nails, bold colored nails, and abstract nails we want something more playful on our hands by opting for 90s nail designs.

If you are a nail enthusiast then you must have checked Selena Gomez bubblegum manicure, Hailey’s chocolate glaze manicure, and Olivia Rodrigo mocha nails. And despite their fashion sense and manicure choices they literally nailed these looks effortlessly. So, without any further ado let's get into the details of 90s nail designs and decide one for our next manicure.

90s Nail Designs That Are Making A Comeback

Whether you are into crisp and minimal manicures like iconic french tips or you want to show off your playful side by opting for vampire manicure or icy chrome nails, here is your inspiration for modern and iconic 90s nail designs.

Thick French Tips

French Tips

Back in the 90s french tips were thick, crisp, and clean, but in modern era and today we are more into minimal to barely-there french tips because all the cool girls and It girls truly support that trend. These french tips are true beauty and still in because they are timeless, versatile, and suitable to wear to anywhere anytime.

Vampire Shades Nails

Vampire Nails

The only solid we accept in the 90s are these vampy manicures that are nothing but a vibe. These are something that can compliment any skin tone and personality because everyone at least once want a fun and playful manicure. 

Tomato Red Nails

Tomato Red Nails

Another most spotted nail color in the 90s is this one. If the vampire shades are too deep for you, go for this one to make a standout and attractive statement. These nails are so in this time of the year, because hot red is the season's most wanted color.

Marshmallow Nails

Marshmallow Nails

Soft pastels were so popular back in the 90s and without a doubt we know why iconic beauties love this manicure so much. I have done my marshmallow-inspired manicure so many times because I personally adore the appeal of this look so much. 

Colorful Nails

Here is another way you can rock the marshmallow manicure, swirls are literally everything in this era and you must know that. Swirl nails are go-to for Gen Z because of a reason, and that is they are effortlessly cool and trendy and that's what this generation requires.

Icy Chrome Nails

Icy Blue Chrome Nails

Besides the solid colored nails, chrome nails were so in back then. Well, we still adore chrome nails as so many celebrities have recently rocked chrome nails in different shades. But in the 90s, there were few shades that you will always be able to spot and that were ice blue, copper, silver, and glittery anything.

Mix and Match Nails

Mix and Match Nails

Mix and match nails were go-to for 90s celebs and we have seen many iconic personalities rocking these day to night effortlessly. This nail design is all things colorful and has animal prints, symbols, solids, and signs all over so you cannot miss anything out there.

Mix and Match Nails

If the above one is too much for your personality, go for these colorful french manicures that are also something fun and playful. You can add any cartoon, doodles, signs, or anything you have in mind on your tips and ta-da you are done.

Neon Nails

Neon Nails

What else is more standout than neon shades? Neon manicure was top of the list in the 90s, and as you know anything bold and eye-catching were followed in manicures. These were the go-to and they are still so in trend these days we are already drooling over them.

Disco Nails

Disco Nails

Well, you were wrong if you thought there would be no glitter and gold in the iconic 90s nail designs list. These disco nails were so on trend in the 90s and we understand why. How can someone not feel like a princess in these?


If you are a 90s kid and want to relive the nostalgia of that era, then these iconic 90s nail designs are perfect for you. These designs will take you back in time and make you feel like you are back in the good old days.


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