Selena Gomez Rocks A Trendy Pink Milkshake Manicure


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Selena Gomez, the creative mind behind Rare Beauty, has an enduring love affair with the color pink when it comes to her nails. From dazzling "Bubble Gum Disco" to Y2K pink, hot pink, pink lip gloss nails, and even a playful Skittles-inspired ensemble, she's explored the spectrum. However, her most recent pink venture is perhaps the sweetest yet.

Selena Gomez Milkshake Manicure

In a recent post by her trusted nail artist, Tom Bachik, he shared a close-up of Selena's latest light pink nails, affectionately termed the "Pink Milkshake Mani" due to its delightful resemblance to the popular treat. Although it instantly evokes memories of Starbucks Pink Drink, the nails stole the spotlight.

These medium-length square nails, with gently rounded edges, showcased a uniform creamy pink hue with a complementary reflective sheen. The shade of pink was so delicate that it almost flirted with nude tones, radiating both rose quartz elegance and the vibes of a fine rosé.

Despite the focus being on her nails in the photo, Selena paired the fresh look with camo pants, accentuating her style with her signature dainty tattoos.

Tweezerman x Tom Bachik Ultimate Nail Care Set

Luckily, Bachik generously shared the secrets behind achieving this sugary aesthetic, making it DIY-friendly for enthusiasts. Before diving into the creative process, he emphasized the importance of starting with a clean slate, removing any lingering polish with nail polish remover, and then prepping the nails. For this, he employed his Tweezerman x Tom Bachik Ultimate Nail Care Set ($59), a collection adorned with lightning bolt motifs, encompassing cutting, filing, buffing, and cuticle maintenance.

While the use of a base coat wasn't explicitly mentioned, it's always a good practice to apply a coat of your preferred one before progressing with the subsequent steps.

Après Nails Gel-X Coffin tips

To shape the nails, Bachik utilized Après Nails Gel-X Coffin tips ($15) in the shade Maisie, providing a lovely light pink foundation. However, for those attempting the look at home, natural nails would suffice.

Après Gel Couleur


Ella + Mila's Pour the Bubbly


Hermès Rose Baltique


Après Top Gelcoat X


With the nails prepped, he applied the same shade used by Selena—Après Gel Couleur ($35) in Yuri-ka. If gel isn't your preference, alternatives like Ella + Mila's Pour the Bubbly ($11) or Hermès Rose Baltique ($55) can be seamlessly substituted. Once the color is flawlessly applied, the finishing touch is a layer of top coat. If following Bachik's gel routine, Après Top Gelcoat X ($13) is recommended; otherwise, any favorite top coat will suffice. To crown the manicure and ensure nail health, a dollop of nail oil is the sweet final gesture, making you the most enchanting presence on the block.

Final Thoughts

Selena never fails to surprise us whether it’s her stylish outfits, bold pink manicure, brand launches, her classic bob, or her new singles. We love Selena so much and her choices in life equally. This manicure of her is so stunning and real easy to recreate with few products.


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