Selena Gomez's Chunky French Manicure Is Giving Major Y2K Vibes


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It's common knowledge that a Selena Gomez manicure is synonymous with sheer elegance. The renowned superstar consistently showcases flawless nail art, effortlessly navigating the latest nail trends and even establishing a few of her own. From chrome to "bubblegum disco," "bare bombshell," and a cherry Jello manicure, her nail game is unparalleled. Her most recent style takes us back to the early 2000s.

She was recently so obsessed with the pink manicures and was getting creative with the pinks by surprising us with some gorgeous and delicious looking manicures. That time we thought maybe Selena is still living in those “barbiecore” days, when not even a single kid was wearing another color than pink. We all went to watch the barbie in pink outfits, pink hair accessories, pink manicures, and anything that could possibly be pink at that moment.

So, Selena blessed us with her two gorgeous pink manicures. Recently one was a pink milkshake manicure that was just too good to be true for all the pastel dreams we dream for our nails.It looked perfectly delicious to wear to anywhere in the world. The other one was on a bold side as it was a neon pink manicure. It was on a playful side that every baddie or vibrant color loving girl would love. She paired those hot pink nails with an all-black outfit that made the manicure stand out even more.

Selena Gomez

Now that she again switched to the low-maintenance, classic, and a Y2K inspired manicure, we are head over heels again! Let’s get right into the details of the hottest french mani she slayed a few days back and how everyone is hyping her look and rushing to the salon to get the perfect look of Selena.

Selena Gomez's Y2K French Manicure

At the 2023 Billboard Music Awards on November 19, Selena Gomez made a virtual appearance to accept her "Top Afrobeats Song" award for the collaboration "Calm Down" with Nigerian artist Rema. Adorned in a crocheted floral dress with slicked-back hair, the focal point of her look was undoubtedly her Y2K French manicure. Tom Bachik, her trusted manicurist, worked his magic to create this iconic nail design.


Diverging from the subdued, mini French nails that have dominated the 2020s, Selena's French manicure transported us back to the early 2000s. With medium-length squared-off nails, a base of nude pink with a glossy finish set the stage. The tip, instead of a contemporary cream shade, boasted a crisp white hue extending an inch or two beyond her fingers, ending in a sharp square edge.

To complement this bold nail choice, Selena opted for a minimalist beauty look, ensuring her vibrant dress remained the focal point. Her high ponytail, slicked down to the scalp, paired seamlessly with dewy skin, a warm-toned nude lip, subtle eyeliner, and light gold glitter eyeshadow.


How To Achieve The Look

For those inspired to ditch the ubiquitous baby French look, fear not. A step-by-step guide is at your disposal. Begin by removing any residual polish with nail polish remover. Trim and shape your nails to your preference, applying press-ons or tips if extra length is desired. Buff the nail surface for an even base and apply your favorite base coat.
Follow this with a coat of your chosen base color, perhaps a light pink akin to OPI's Baby Take a Vow. Once dry, use tape to outline the tip and paint it with a bright white shade like OPI's Funny Bunny. Peel away the tape and allow the nails to dry. Finish off with a layer of your preferred top coat and a touch of nail oil for added health. 

Now, you're ready to either clinch a Billboard Music Award or indulge in your Y2K fantasies!


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